Kiva Elementary School

Posted by SUSD Communications on 8/1/2022

Kiva Bond ProgressThe Kiva community should be pleasantly surprised by what it finds August 3rd at the entirely new school that awaits. While there is still much work to be done, the old Kiva is now gone and teachers are settling into their new Kiva classrooms.

Kiva Bond ProgressThe Kiva campus will be ready for students to learn in their new classroom environments. Unfortunately, there have been some delays in completing the shade structures, playgrounds, and permanent perimeter fencing. SUSD’s Building Services construction team, contractors and the Kiva Administration have been working together closely to ensure a safe campus environment for all. Alternative recess plans have been created, pending the completion of these outdoor areas. These last few days before the new school year begins will be extremely busy with final preparations for students and staff.