February 2021 Board Update

Posted by Jann-Michael Greenburg on 2/25/2021

Dear SUSD Families and Staff:

I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. Open communication in a district as large and diverse as ours is extremely important to building a thriving organization. To improve communications between the school board and our community and staff, I am starting a tradition of providing recaps of the Board’s work at the end of each month. I hope this is a tradition that is continued and perfected by future Board presidents.

Looking Back

Over the past two months, our board and administration have undertaken exciting initiatives important to the district’s long-term success. This includes:

  • Holding our first Strategic Planning Design Team meeting to help guide our strategic planning process. Applications to join the committee were open to all staff and community members, with individuals chosen from all five learning communities. Our shared goal is to turn SUSD into an internationally recognized, high-performing district;    
  • Entering into an agreement with Scottsdale’s City Auditor to conduct internal audits for SUSD, beginning with the Hohokam campus rebuild. What we learn will improve our remaining rebuild projects and lead to cost savings. More generally, internal audits of SUSD projects and operations will increase funds available for our classrooms and improve district transparency, accountability, and efficiency; and                                                                              
  • Developing a Marketing and Communications Committee. Despite being a top district in Arizona, SUSD has experienced a decade of declining enrollment that we will reverse. By showcasing our amazing programs, students, and staff, we are confident we can rebuild enrollment at SUSD.     

We have also held important discussions on students’ learning gaps and ensuring no child is left behind as a consequence of the pandemic, providing a much-deserved raise to our teachers, hourly staff, and principals, and selling the final $62 million in community-approved bonds.

Moving Forward

On March 2, the Board will review the final recommendations from our administration concerning a return to full, in-person learning. The Board will also hear from our newly formed Finance and Facilities Committee on its recommendations concerning staff salaries and benefits.


Yours very truly,

Jann-Michael Greenburg

President | SUSD Governing Board


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