Choosing Course for the 2023-2024 School Year

Your Guidance Counselors are excited to help you with selecting courses for the 2023-2024 school year. We have created grade specific, Course Selection PowerPoints to assist you with picking classes for next year. Please view the appropriate PowerPoint for your grade level: 


Freshman PowerPoint (8th going to 9th -MYP included)

Sophomore PowerPoint (9th going to 10th)

Sophomore MYP PowerPoint (MYP 9th going to 10th)

Junior Power Point (10th going to 11th)

Junior IB PowerPoint (IB 11th going to 12th)

Senior Power Point (11th going to 12th)

Senior IB Power Point ( IB 11th going to 12th)

Parents- We encourage you to view the PowerPoints presentations with your child and  discuss course choices. Please allow your student to ask questions and advocate for themselves before reaching out to your Guidance Counselor. Our course selection process is very similar to the course selection process in many Colleges and Universities. We are preparing your student to be independent thinkers. 


1. View Power Point

2. Use handouts given to you in English classes to assist with initial course selection. (Copies of course lists and course selection sheet available below)

3. Enter your course selections into Synergy (see PowerPoint below to assist you)

4. Meet with your guidance counselor to finalize selection process.  (End of Jan thru beginning of Feb- timeline provided below)


No course changes will be made after March 31, 2023

If you are unsure which classes you have already taken print an unofficial copy of your transcript using these steps:

  • Log into Student Vue/Parent Vue
  • Go to Course History
  • Look for the blue box that says unofficial transcript with printer icon


Printable List of Courses offered:

Freshmen Course List

MYP Freshman Course List

Sophomore Course List

MYP Sophomore Course List

Junior Course List (IB included)

Senior Course List (IB included)

High School Planning Guide Link: High School Planning Guide / High School Planning Guides (  PLEASE NOTE: The high school planning guide lists all classes offered in SUSD.  NOT all of these courses are offered at Desert Mountain. The course lists linked above are the classes offered at DM.  Please do not enter classes in synergy that you do not see on the grade level forms linked above. Also note that the district planning guide for 2023-2024 at this time. 



 9th Course Selection Form

9th MYP Course Selection Form

10th Course Selection Form

10th MYP Course Selection Form

11th Course Selection Form

11th IB Course Selection Form

12th Course Selection Form

12th IB Course Selection Form

 **Please use the colored forms distributed in English classes. These forms are provided as a reference. Additional colored forms are available in the Guidance Office and can be picked up before school, at lunch and after school. 



Synergy Upload PowerPoint Step by Step Guide

Synergy Upload Direction Sheet



Honors Agreement

Top 25 Questions for 9th Grade Students


Digital Future now Tech Fundamentals for Business

Business 101 now Principles of Personal Finance

Business 102 now Principles of Business

Software App 11 now Coding in Python

Software Apps II now Coding for Apple ios

NEW Class: Service Learning


NOTE: Students who do not complete the course selection process will have courses selected for them. 

Please remember that certain classes have fees associated with that class. Fees are payable at the beginning of the school year during registration.  For a listing of class fees please click here. (subject to change)


Timeline for Registration: (tentative)

Drop off of Materials: (see forms linked above)

Drop off to feeder Middle Schools Week of Jan 10-13

Drop off in current 9th grade classes Jan 18th

Drop off in current 10th grade classes Jan 20th

Drop off in current 11th grade classes Jan 23th


One-on-One meetings with students to verify schedules:

Current 8th grade feeder middle schools: Week of Feb 7-10th (DCMS-7th, MMS-9th, Cheyenne-10th)

Current 9th grade:  Jan 26th-31st

Current 10th grade: Jan 27-Feb 3rd

Current 11th grade: Week of Feb 13th-16th

Make up student meetings Feb 22-March 11th.

Out of district student meetings will not begin till MARCH 1st