Pima Traditional School

Construction Timeline:

December 2017 – Shovels in, fences up! Ground work
January 2018 – Vertical construction begins
Summer 2018 – New buildings open to students and staff

Timelapse Video

Please note, this camera is faced away from the current school buildings and will not show any children - only construction crews.

Pima Live Feed
Watch a timelapse of the Pima Traditional construction.

Pima Documents & Links

Floorplans for the Admin and Multipurpose buildings are currently under review.

Classroom Building Floorplan
• PNG Download (Updated 9/2/2017)
Exterior Design
• Exterior Design 1 (Updated 9/5/2017)
• Exterior Design 2 (Updated 9/5/2017)
• Exterior Design 3 (Updated 9/5/2017)
• Exterior Design 4 (Updated 9/5/2017)
Construction Phases
• PDF Download (Updated 12/8/2017)
Interior Classroom Windows
• PDF Download (Updated 9/18/2017)
Administrative Building Floorplan
• JPG Download (Updated 10/6/2017)
Multi-purpose Building Floorplan
• JPG Download (Updated 10/6/2017)
Site Plan
• JPG Download (Updated 10/6/2017)

Project Photo Gallery (select this link)

Rebuild Committee Members

Thank you very much to the parents and staff members who signed up to be part of this exciting process. The committee will represent the community in providing input on the design of the new campus.

Alexis Cruz-Freeman - Principal

Committee Members:
Damien Mendoza - Parent
Josh Friedman - Parent & PTO President
John Selkirk - Teacher
Colleen Felix - Teacher
Janet Navarro - Teacher
Kimberly Mills - Assistant Principal
Paul Thomas - Facilities Coordinator
Dan Bentel - Parent
Melissa Willis - Parent