Kiva Elementary School

Upcoming Meetings (via Zoom)

For meeting details and sign up information, email Alice Spingola at



TBA – prior to board presentation in August



 The Visioning Committee meets every 2 weeks throughout the design development of the project or as needed.


Completed Meetings

03/30/2020 — Community Meeting via Zoom

03/30/2020 - Kiva Community Engagement - Visioning & Polling - Meeting via Zoom

04/06/2020 - Kiva Community Engagement - Memorable Goals and Site Charrette- Meeting via Zoom

04/13/2020 - Kiva Community Engagement - Review of Charrette- Meeting via Zoom

04/20/2020 - Kiva Community Engagement - Building Charrette- Meeting via Zoom

04/27/2020 - Kiva Community Engagement - Charrette Analysis and Endorsement - BUILDINGS

05/04/2020 - Visioning Committee Meeting - Design Thesis

05/18/2020 - Visioning Committee Meeting  - Site and Building Plan Analysis

06/01/2020 - Community Meeting - Conceptual Design Direction

06/15/2020 - Visioning Committee Meeting – Design Direction


 Kiva Documents & Links

Letter to Paradise Valley Residents

Kiva Visioning Committee

This committee, appointed by the Kiva principal, will work between Community Forum meetings on the details of the Kiva project. It is comprised of Kiva parents, neighbors, teachers and staff.


Paradise Valley Police Chief Peter Wingert

Daran Wastchak

Colleen Steinberg

Lisa Ross

Traci Sullivan

Sally Fleming

Mike Vreeland



Ben Meek

Cori Hutchison

Trey Chappell

Adam Story

Jon Arvizu

Steve Fucello

Cody Deike

Andrew Keech



Karen Swift

Matt Gromek

Alice Spingola

Elise Whyte

Alison Grove

Alison Meyer

Sheila Fullerton

Elizabeth Gardemann

Project Contacts

Project Partners:

Orcutt Winslow

Fatima Garcia


SUSD Facilities Director:

Dennis Roehler
(480) 484-8503


Kiva School Principal:

Alice Spingola
(480) 484-2200
6911 E. McDonald Drive
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253