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Student Attendance is IMPORTANT!

Attendance Call

If your students are not able to make it, please call ASAP:


The automated attendance line is checked all day, every day, in order of the calls received.


Automated Attendance Line



INFO REQUIRED: Student(s) First Name, Last Name, Student ID, Date for Attendance call and if it is ALL DAY, EARLY RELEASE w/time, or LATE ARRIVAL w/time and brief reason for the attendance call. ***All calls are monitored and/or verified if needed.


*** Please be mindful when scheduling appointments***

We prefer that you excuse your students during passing periods


Regular Bell Schedules

Pages 46 – 51 of the SUSD Code Of Conduct 

  1. Definitions & Procedures E: “High schools must receive notification from the parent or other person who has custody of the student within 24 hours of the absence.”
Mrs. Melissa Darnall