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How to Enroll in Scottsdale Online Learning (SOL)

To enroll in Scottsdale Online Learning (SOL), you must fill out an open enrollment application.

Please fill out the application HERE.

For more information, visit our open enrollment page: 

K-5 enrollment deadlines: As long as there is space we will enroll students up until the 3rd quarter of the year.  (Late March)

 6-12 Enrollment deadlines:  Each term starts with students taking 3 classes as we get farther away from the start date the amount of classes is reduced.  We will take students for the first 3.5 weeks after each start date but after, families will need to wait till the next start date to begin classes.

Term start dates for 6-12th grade:

Term 1 = August 7th

Term 2 = October 16th

Term 3 = January 8th

Term 4 = March 18th