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Title I Funding Help Needed!

Dear Navajo Families,

We need your HELP!

If you haven’t already done so THIS YEAR or EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE, please complete an application for Free and Reduced lunch ONLINE as soon as possible. While pandemic funding has made all school lunch and breakfasts free for all students this school year, our site-based Title I and district Title I funding are determined by our Free and Reduced lunch percentage. Therefore, it’s critical that we maintain (or increase) our Free and Reduced percentage. Failure to do so will lead to BUDGET CUTS for our school!  The following are some of the items our Title 1 funds purchase: •Blazing Buffalo Clubs •Our Early Bird Program •Accelerated Reader (AR) program •Instructional Coach-Dr. Boarder •Interventionists to support students in reading and math •Materials to support our academic programs •Technology programs.


Staff and Admin do NOT have access to who is and who is not on the Free and Reduced lunch program (it’s anonymous); only our Nutritional Services Department is allowed access to this information.


We would like 100% of our families to apply because it helps…the more forms completed, the better chance we have for MORE FUNDING to HELP OUR STUDENTS!!! PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU (our families and our students)! PLEASE go online and FILL OUT THE FORM TODAY!

You don’t need to qualify to help…just apply right away!

 Here’s how to apply:

  1. Click here:  from any computer, tablet, or mobile device
  2. Create your free account if you want one (not necessary)
  3. Apply for free and reduced meals. (IF YOU NEED HELP PLEASE CALL THE FRONT OFFICE.)

Thank you!


Link to sign up