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Mohave Announcements for August 4, 2020


Good morning teachers, staff, parents and students!  We hope that you are all healthy and safe. 

The Mohave offices remain closed to the public.  We continue to work on student schedules and will post on StudentVue and ParentVue this week.  Enhanced Distance Learning will begin online on Monday, August 10th with in-person classes currently scheduled to start on Tuesday, September 8th.  See the post on the Mohave Enhanced Distance Learning Plan for more details.

We will have a textbook drop-off and computer pick-up at Mohave on Thursday, August 6th and Friday, August 7th.  Check our website for further details.  ALL students should have an SUSD Chromebook.  We will have a textbook pick-up day scheduled the following week.

Stay tuned for updates.



Check out the MOHAVE FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS BLOG sponsored by Ms. Formanek and our student government.  The link is on our webpage.  

The Help Desk for technical help: call 480-484-4357.  

Below are some helpful links and tips to use during this time at home.

Support Services

Scottsdale Unified's Support Services team has a new newsletter edition packed with important and helpful updates for parents and students. Included is a list of e-mail addresses of our social workers, student support professionals and middle school guidance counselors. All of these newsletters are available at

Tips for Social Distancing

Just a friendly reminder, it is still very important to practice social distancing and be vigilant about hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes and staying out of public spaces (parks, stores, restaurants, etc.) if you feel sick. Here is a hand list of resources to help you and your family: 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Factual & Reliable Resources

• How to Protect Yourself: ncov/prepare/prevention.html

• Symptoms: ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

• How to Prepare: ncov/prepare/index.html

• COVID-19 & Children: ncov/prepare/children-faq.html

• Stress & Anxiety Management:

• If You Are Sick, What to Do:

• Travel Information: ncov/travelers/index.html

• Talking to Children About COVID-19: 




  • What do you get when you cross an elephant with a fish?
    • Swimming Trunks!
  • The final tally from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Pennies For Patients has been calculated … Mohave Middle School Raised … $2,270.65. Thank you to STUGO for coordinating the efforts of our amazing and generous student body.  Thank you teachers, thank you students, thank you … thank you.  We did good work at Mohave!




  • Cell phones may be used in the classroom ONLY under teacher direction and at lunch.  At lunch you may not use the camera feature of your phone without prior permission.  During all other times your phone must be off and in your backpack.  If Mr. A or Ms. Tindall see your phones out at inappropriate times, they will place your phone in the Swag Bag of Sadness.


  • Students must wear their IDs at all times.  The ONLY exception is when they use their ID to check out sports equipment at lunch.  Did you lose your ID?  You can buy a new one at the front desk for $5.00.  Remember that you must have your ID on your lanyard so everyone knows that you are a student at Mohave.  If you buy an ID, it comes with a lanyard. 


  • In the Cafeteria students practice their PAWS by …
    • Practicing Respect: Waiting your turn in line.  Using appropriate language and volume.  Following staff directions.
    • Accepting Responsibility: Deciding your meal choice quickly.  Eating first, and then going to the library or to the fields of play.  Being polite. 
    • Working Together: Offering to help others. Talk and including with others at your table.  Cleaning up after yourself – and any mess left on your table.


  • NO FOOD, only Water bottles in classrooms.  Starbucks or other drinks must be finished prior to entering school in the morning. Teachers please remind students not to bring food or drinks into school. Food and drinks belong in the café. Water bottles only in classrooms!  Thank you.


  • A reminder to all our students who use the trolley to get to and from school -- Remember that you carry the name of Mohave with you.  We expect you to demonstrate appropriate behavior and to show your PAWS when you ride public transportation.  NOTE:  The trolley has been directed to pick up students after school ONLY at the stop in front of our school.  If you go to 86th street, don't be surprised if they pass you by.


  • If you are picked up at the front of the school, stay on the sidewalk, and remain near our school.  The buildings next door are offices and there are people working … Also please walk along the sidewalks as you dismiss.


  • DRESS CODE POLICY At Mohave, we believe that students should dress for success and we do have a dress code that is enforced. Students wearing clothes that do not fall within our dress code guidelines will be sent to the school nurse to change.  Remember - NO pajamas!
    • Students, you are encouraged to review the Code of Conduct with your parents, or you can also talk with Ms. Tindall and Nurse Sharp, or Mr. A for help in understanding the guidelines.  Basically, no undergarments or midriffs can be exposed.  Shorts that are so short that your swimsuit areas are exposed should not be worn. 
    • As a reminder, your clothes may meet the dress code when you are standing still.  However, you are active students on our campus.  A shirt that is cropped that does not expose your midriff when standing still may still not be appropriate because when you raise your hand to participate in class, your shirt moves up and exposes the midriff area – and therefore the shirt is inappropriate for school.  Be mindful of your top and bottom choices – they must take into account movement.
    • There are t-shirts and gym shorts available for students to change into if needed. Please make sure you are dressed for success and have your school ID.


  • Not feeling wellIf you are at school and not feeling well, you should ask your teacher for a pass to see the nurse.  If necessary, the nurse will call home and together with your parents, they will determine if you will be picked up.  Students should not call or text their parents to pick them up without seeing the nurse first.


  • If you ride a scooter or a skateboard - Mohave has a rack to lock it up!  IF you need help using the skateboard rack, see Mr. A and he’ll help you.  The rack is located by the Choir room on the South side of the gym.  Please walk your bikes and skateboards when you are on campus.  We want to be sure that no one gets run-over and everyone is safe.  Also, please don't practice your skateboard skills while on campus -- save that for the park.


  • If you need to make a payment for sports, dance, robotics, G.L.S., or other club – Ms. Brown would greatly appreciate you taking care of your payments during your lunchtime or before school.  Payments will not be accepted after school.  Thank you!


  • Have you lost something?  If you have lost your ID card or cell phone, check at the front office.  If you have lost anything else, check the large bin in the cafeteria.  PLEASE NOTE - Items that are not claimed will be donated to charity.  Please stop by the cafe to see if anything belongs to you!


  • STUDENTS:  Remember to practice your PAWS: 
    • Practice Respect - Accept Responsibility - Work Together - Safety Matters!