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Athletic Coaches & Dates

Practices are Monday - Thursday from 2:30-4pm.  No practice on early release days and holidays. 

Fall Festival is August 26th, 2023.


Quarter 1:

Varsity Baseball: Thom Dunleavey

Junior Varsity Baseball: Jon Nost

6th Grade Baseball: Dylan Wright

Varsity Volleyball: Vernon Nicholas

Junior Varsity Volleyball: Amy Littlefield

6th Grade Volleyball: Yvonne Gee


1st Quarter Sports (Aug. 7-Oct. 2) Girls Volleyball & Boys Baseball


2nd Quarter Sports (Oct. 16-Dec. 22) Girls Softball, Boys Basketball, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer & Spiritline


3rd Quarter Sports (Jan.8 – Mar 8) Flag Football, Girls Basketball, Cross Country & Spiritline cont.


4th Quarter Sports (Mar.18 – May 2) Girls and Boys Track & Field