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Welcome, Dr. Menzel

Please help us officially welcome Dr. Menzel as Superintendent of the Scottsdale Unified School District!

Read more about the collaborative process to select a Superintendent, the selection of Dr. Menzel, the official vote on his contract and his onboarding experience so far.

The Michigan educator, who has served as the superintendent of three school districts in that state during the past 18 years, is looking forward to the challenge of becoming SUSD’s 27th superintendent. “When I look at Scottsdale, I see a district that has such amazing potential with its dedicated staff, engaged parents and supportive community. These are essential ingredients in being a high-performing district. There is strength in our diversity and opportunities as a result of that community support that many other districts just don't have.” 

Menzel has especially appreciated working with Dr. Kriekard since his hiring was unanimously approved by the Governing Board in March. Kriekard will officially retire for the fourth time on June 30. “I am grateful for the leadership Dr. Kriekard has provided Scottsdale Unified over the past two-plus years. He brought a sense of calm that helped the District focus on its core mission and live its core values in every action and in every decision. He didn't have to come out of retirement to do it, but his character and commitment to children, families and community called him to take the reins of leadership to steer the District through a difficult time and prime it for even more great success. We appreciate the legacy that Dr. Kriekard has forged through his leadership.”

Menzel, who is also a parent of two college-aged daughters, says that his work is guided by the idea that the collective work of the District and each employee is tied to the future of all SUSD students. “What motivates me is knowing that the work we do matters: it matters for our children and their future. It matters for parents and families. And it matters to the future success of Scottsdale. We cannot be a thriving community if our children are not achieving at high levels and prepared to succeed when they graduate from SUSD.”