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Summer Trojan Academy 2024

Dear parents and guardians,


We have an exciting opportunity for your students this summer! Summer school will take place from June 3rd to June 21st. Students will begin their day with breakfast at 8:00 am, participate in classes and activities during the day, and enjoy lunch before going home at noon. Classes go from Monday to Thursday and there will be no programming on Fridays, except June 21st. We will have off in observance of Juneteenth and then will have a make-up day on Friday 21st.


Our class offerings:


Music with Mr. Jones


More info coming soon.

Art with Ms. Recla


More info coming soon.

Science with Ms. Davis

Embark on an exciting scientific adventure this summer with our Science/STEM program! Our curriculum covers a wide range of engaging topics through a blend of interactive experiments and hands-on activities. This will help your student develop critical thinking skills and make new friends as they explore the endless possibilities of science outside of the traditional school year!

Math with Mr. Ginsberg


What an extravaganza you are about to embark upon


Some things on devices and some things hands-on


There will be plenty of play

Like building dream homes, punching numbers, and bowling in the hallway


You get to program coordinates to fly drones in rhythm


Create crafty things and musical things from your thoughts


Use numbers to maneuver robots


Before you know it, 3 weeks will have flown by

Almost as quickly as a blink of your eye

Spanish with Ms. Meyer

Students will immerse themselves in Spanish culture and language during 3 weeks of various enrichment activities meant to reach all types of learners.  Classes will include exploring different Spanish music and dance styles; cooking/food vocabulary terms, tasting some popular dishes; and discovering Latin American countries and traditions through short movies and crafts.


You can sign up with the following link: If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us, your Trojan Academy coordinators. We are looking forward to working with you and your students this summer. 




Allison Pollack and Chris Hain

Trojan Academy Coordinators