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Board Decision Removes "Growth Plan" Label and Secures Echo Canyon's Future



Dear Echo Canyon Families:


I am thrilled to share that the Scottsdale Unified School District held its Board Meeting last night and it was recommended to REMOVE our great school from the “Growth Plan.” We couldn’t be more excited about this decision and wanted to spread this great news as soon as possible!


As a result of this decision, the Board has secured the future of Echo Canyon and has insured that we will continue to provide your children with social, emotional, and academic development through hands-on, experiential learning with an emphasis on sustainability. 


As a parent, you can continue sending your kids to Echo Canyon all the way through middle school – and feel confident in telling your friends and neighbors about our close-knit, diverse community that spans from Preschool-8th grade and breaks down all geographic boundaries.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who were in attendance to represent Echo Canyon at last night’s Board Meeting.  It was so great to see you and to feel the community support for ECS.  I’d also like to express my gratitude for all the faculty and families who worked tirelessly to achieve the growth that led to the Board’s decision last night.  Congratulations to each of you – your passion, dedication, and commitment to our school paid off and we couldn’t have done it without the contributions from each of you!


I look forward to sharing more details this Friday morning at our “Chat with Kat” community forum following the Family Read for those of you who are able to attend.  At that meeting, I’d be happy to answer any questions about this topic or anything else related to Echo Canyon.



Principal Kat Hughes

Echo Canyon School

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