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Summer Assignments 2021-2022

*Not all teachers or classes have summer work. 



Dear IB tongxue men, 

        Ni men hao! Summer time is valuable to pick up new words and plan ahead for the IB exam. Below are some of my suggestions: 

 Join my Quizlet class (keep updating):
What to do : 1. HSK Level 4 vocabulary (try to remember 5-10 new vocabulary every day)

                     2. Remember at least 20 Chinese idioms 

                     3. If time permits, remember as many as the IB vocabulary


      2. Take a look at the writing prompt in 2020 exam (attached in pdf format). Pick 1-2 topics of them and try to write 200+ words about it.  

 My email is Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Shu jia kuai le !

 Li laoshi 


French/student reference only:

Website to keep up with the listening skill each level has a different color.


Website to keep up with grammar, students can chose to complete as many exercises as they need to revise what we have done the past scholastic year. 
beg Beginner level



Theory Of Knowledge

Read Sophie's World 

  •  ISBN-13 : 978-0374530716

Prepare to complete these assignments within the first month of class (due dates subject to change) 



3)Who are you? Presentation - Google Docs

4) 2021 sophie's world_summer_reading - Google Docs


College English

AP Literature & Composition 

 Read and annotate an unabridged copy of Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift