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Track and Field Parent Meeting

 This is just a reminder that all athletes must be registered on with an up-to-date physical, loaded into the athletes file by March 20th

On March 20th there will be a Parent/Athlete Coaches meeting held in the cafeteria 2:30 - 3:15 pm. Payments for track should be paid no later than  March 25th.  Failure to have a profile made and payments paid will result in loss of practice time. The Spring Season will run from March 21st (First Practice)  until April 27th (Last Track Meet). Instructions on how to make a profile on registermyathlete, a link to obtain a physical, and an electronic copy of the track schedule can be found at -  . 

Practices will be running from 2:30 pm until 4:00 pm Monday - Thursday unless there is a track meet scheduled for that day, or there is no school or half day of school. On practice days, all athletes should have running clothes, a pair of running shoes, and their own water bottle. If the athlete would like to purchase track shoes for the meets they must be plastic spikes, METAL SPIKES are PROHIBITED! There will be spike checks at the meets and if an athlete is found using metal spikes first time they will be asked to change into running shoes, second time they will be disqualified from their heat. The metal spikes damage some of the tracks that we will be using and that is the reason behind it. Thank you for your understanding. 


Track Events to compete in: 

Running Events Field Event

100 Meter High Jump

200 Meter Long Jump

400 Meter Shot Put

800 Meter Turbo Javelin

4x100 Meter Relay


Track Meets and Schedule: 


Week of 3/20th

M No Practice - Parent/athlete coaches meeting

T Practice

W Practice

Th Practice

Week of 3/27

M Practice

T Practice


Week of 4/3

M Practice

T Practice

W Practice

TH Meet - Coronado HS @ 4:30 

Week of 4/10

M Practice

T Practice

W Practice

TH Track Meet  @Coronado H.S. @4:30

Week of 4/17

M Practice

T Practice

W Practice 

TH Meet @ Saguaro HS @ 4:30

Week of 4/24

M Practice

T Practice

W Practice 

TH Final Meet @ Coronado @ 4:30


All Practices are from 2:30-4pm. Plan for prompt pick up. All track meets begin at 4:30pm. 

  1. April 6th at Coronado High School at 4:30pm – Practice Meet

  2. April 13th at Coronado High School at 4:30pm – Meet

  3. April 20th at Saguaro High School at 4:30pm – Finals Qualifier 

  4. April 27th at Coronado High School at 4:30pm – FINALS 


Coaches Message: 

Please take a moment to go through all information and expectations below.


Practice Expectations

Everyone is expected to attend all practices.  Students are expected to participate to the best of their abilities at each practice.  You will see great improvements from the beginning to the end of the season if you put forth a great effort.  If you are unable to attend a practice due to a conflict you must email the coaches!


Daily Practice Routine

Change out in locker rooms (mask, shorts, t-shirts, running shoes, water bottle)

Warm up run

Stretching/Dynamic/Plyometrics in Gym

Short Distance/Long Distance Workouts

Field Event Practice


Practice Meets

The first track meet is a practice meet.  We will take daily attendance at practices.  Athletes who attend practice daily will have the first opportunity to sign up for events they are interested in doing.  Coaches will assign athletes to remaining event spots who are not present on sign up days.  Our goal is for all our athletes to participate in multiple events at the first track meet.


Track Meet Qualifiers/District Finals/Events

The 2nd and 3rd track meets are qualifying meets.  The top 8 athletes from each event will compete in the district finals on April 28th.  Coaches will inform athletes who qualify for the finals and continue practicing.  


Running Events: 100, 200, 400, 800, 4x100 Relays

Field Events:  Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put and Javelin


Practice, Meets, Transportation

Practice times are from 2:30-4:00.  Your child will not be left alone after a practice.  Please be respectful with the coach’s time and plan for prompt pick-ups.  No practices on March 29th, 30th due to early release days.  Parents may take their child home when they are done with events at track meets.  This year parents may bring their child to the track meets.  If you choose to do this, you must also go home with your parents after you have signed out with the coaches. We will still have bus service from Desert Canyon to the meets for students who are unable to get rides to and from the track meets.


If there are any questions about the season please contact one of the following track coaches: Gina Fries , James Pescatore , Val Beling , or Ben Elliott


Have a great rest of your week,


Zachary Leinonen 

Teacher - Gifted/Honor Science and Athletic Director 

Desert Canyon Middle School

10203 E McDowell Mountain Ranch Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85255

(480) 484 - 4600 ext 4550