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22-23 Sports Info

          The first week of practice for boys baseball and girls volleyball will be on its way. Just wanted to reach out and remind all families that it is not too late to join the tier one season for second quarter sports. It's a great way to meet new friends, start a new hobby, or showcase some of your athletic skills while representing your school. So if your child is interested in joining one of the teams going on this quarter please encourage them to join. 

          Majority of sport seasons are broken into two tiers. Tier one runs 4-5 weeks with a 3-4 game tournament at the end of the tier. Every athlete that wants to participate can during this part of the season. After the tournament is when tier two starts. The tier two competitive season is when coaches make the cuts from the athletes that participated in tier one. There will only be two teams held per sport, made of 12 athletes per team. JV can only have a team made of 6th and 7th graders while varsity can only be made up of 7th and 8th graders. Tier two will run 4-5 weeks with a total of 7-9 games amongst the other middle school teams in the district. 

          I want to thank all the families that have made their athletes profile on “register my athlete”. Register my Athlete (RMA) has made keeping track of sports documents significantly easier for all parties involved. With that being said… log on, upload an updated physical (as soon as possible… you can still register without it but the moment you get the updated physical upload it)  and start registering for the 22’-23’ season. All physicals must be AIA 22’-23’ preparticipation sports physical, here is the following link for the correct form: AIA 22’-23’ Physical Form. For new athletes you can click on the following link for setting up your RMA account - Instructions. One more useful site to highlight is the district and schools page on athletics which can show all the seasons and schedules: SUSD SPORTS

          Final note will be there will be a generic quarter 1 sports meeting (Baseball and Volleyball) to introduce the athletes to the coaches. The meeting will take place 2:30-3:15 pm in the cafeteria on August 4th 2022. As for individuals that would like to help assist or coach in any of the sports provided by the school please do not hesitate to reach me (Zach Leinonen) at If you would like to coach you need to have the following complete: an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card, and two coaching certificates: Fundamentals of Coaching and Concussions in Sports. If you would like to volunteer you must go to this link: Volunteer Application and follow the instructions and submit the form. 


Hope you had a wonderful summer, 


Zach Leinonen