• NJHS

    The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) strives to develop a culture of inclusion, service, and achievement while removing barriers to student success. NJHS membership is the true mark of academic achievement for the highest-achieving students; it is so much more than an honor roll. An NJHS chapter brings with it exclusive tools and resources for students that not only help them in their endeavors as NJHS members but leave a lasting impact on them as active citizens with long-term aspirations.  Prospective members must be in 7th or 8th grade, complete an application process, and be invited into membership.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Wilson


  • Student Government

    STUGO is an interactive club for 4th- 8th grade students. In STUGO, CHeyenne students vote on important measures and decisions involving classes, clubs, etc. and do volunteer work for other organizations and schools.

    Sponsor: Ms. Anderson


  • News Crew

    Cheyenne's news crew works tirelessly to ensure that CTS receives important announcements each morning. They collect and report on Cheyenne students' accomplishments, upcoming events, and reminders. 

    Sponsor: Ms. Moorehead


  • Yearbook Club

    The Cheyenne Yearbook club works diligently each week to document events, take photos of daily Cheyenne life, and create templates for each page in our CTS yearbook.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Deak