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Welcome to Our School Libraries

Every school in the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) has a library website featuring the school's library catalog, e-books, educational videos and online resources.

To access a school's library website, you must first log into a SUSD gapps (Google) account. Once you are successfully logged in, click the appropriate link below. The online library is also available through Single Sign On after you have logged into gapps.

NOTE: The library links below only function from within the SUSD technology network. You must be logged into an SUSD gapps account for these links to connect. These databases are not accessible to the general public because of licensing requirements set by the publishers.

School Library Links

Helpful Resources

New Library Materials: 60 Day Posting

Annually, schools utilize library funds, provided by the district override, to purchase new titles for the libraries.  These funds are available due to the generosity of our voting community.  SUSD has completed book purchases for the 2022-2023 school year. This list provides the most current titles available in the school libraries. Future purchases will be posted to this website for 60 days to highlight new additions to school libraries. Teacher librarians at the Middle and High School Level will regularly update their websites to reflect additions to the ebook collection.  This will be a continuous update throughout the school year. 

How to access books in Destiny Catalog

SUSD libraries offer thousands of titles for student and teacher use.  To learn how to look up books and see which titles are available in SUSD school libraries click here to access a video to learn how to use the Destiny Catalog

Student Checkout History 

Interested in viewing your student’s library checkout history?  Utilize this How To document or contact the school library to help you get your student’s history. 

Parent Choice for Student Book Checkout

SUSD respects parent oversight of books read by their students.  A parent/guardian, wishing to restrict his/her own student from using materials which are objectionable to the parent should complete this  Library Material form . Once received by the school library a note will be added to the student’s destiny account which will appear as an alert upon check out. It is important to note that this does not restrict free access for other students. 

Book Challenge Procedures

The Superintendent may utilize the Novel/Supplemental Material Review Process in considering the removal of any library material as objectionable.

Request for Review of Instructional Materials and Library Books