• Gifted Supplemental Reading Book List Committee

    • This committee has concluded.


  • To review, evaluate, and recommend any proposed novel to be added to the Gifted supplemental curriculum or to review, evaluate, and recommend any book suggested for review by a parent/guardian of a student in SUSD schools.


  • 1. Read book that is brought to the committee

    2. Evaluate book based on a rubric that has been created by the committee for literary merit and potential sensitive issues

    3. Using the rubric, discuss the book’s value for literary merit, instruction of standards, and content

    4. By consensus, recommend the book for possible inclusion as a supplement to the core curriculum

Time Commitment

  • Time Commitment is on an as needed basis, especially when:

    • A teacher would like to suggest a new book to be added to the curriculum.
    • A review is suggested by a parent of a current book that is part of the already approved curriculum.

Committee Members

  • Sarah Torrilhon, Director of Gifted and Accelerated Learning 

    Nicole Fagan, Gifted Coach

    Traci Avalos, Teacher

    April Goodman, Teacher

    Stacy Liddy, Teacher 

    Shelly Hummon, Principal 

    Kimberlee McClure, Parent