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Bond & Capital Override


2016 Bond & Capital Override

Since schools in Arizona receive the majority of their funding from the state on a formula based on a snapshot in time of enrollment, there can be funding gaps for things such as aging infrastructure, rising operational costs and the need for new technology and programming.

Bonds are one funding mechanism allowed under Arizona state law to help public school districts pay for capital projects, with voter approval. Public school districts can issue bonds to pay for capital investments for projects that have a useful longer than five years. Bonds are typically used to fund facility construction, maintenance, security and building improvements.

Overrides are another funding mechanism that, with voter approval, can help extend a school district extend its budget up to 15% of the maintenance and operation budget. There are three types of overrides: capital, maintenance and operations and special. Maintenance and operations overrides typically help a public school district improve, maintain or add new services, programming, staffing and offerings. Capital overrides typically help a public school district add funding for books, transportation, technology and other equipment.  In 2016, the Scottsdale Unified School District had a ballot measure to request

In 2016, SUSD put a measure on the ballot to replace mature bonds in the amount of $229 million and override measures that generated $8.5 million in funding over seven years.

SUSD’s bond was approved in 2016 for $229,000,000 for:

  • Renovate, Improve and Construct School Facilities
  • School Site Safety
  • Pupil Transportation

The final bond sale was completed in March of 2021.

In anticipation of the 2016 override maturing, the District asked voters to renew the override in 2019 and that measure overwhelmingly passed.

These pages identify the project that have and are underway as a result of the 2016 voter-approved bond funding. Information on the 2019 maintenance and operation override can be found at


Project Updates

This regularly updated, informative presentation tracks and showcases current and completed 2016 Bond projects.

Posted June 2021

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