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Website Updates

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Added slideshow of current work to Bond and Override Page (Hopi)
Added new Hopi Design Images
Added Middle School Sports Festival Schedule as Announcement


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Regular Board Meeting Video Linked
Past Approved Meeting Minutes Posted

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Updated Bond and Override Pima 

Adding Board Documents from 11/14 - Video 11/16


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Added Video Link to Governing Board Meeting for Special Meeting 11/9

Added Facade Renderings of Cheyenne to Bond and Override page

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Governing Board Special meeting Notice added to Governing Board Document Page

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Bond and Override Page - Added 11/3 Weekly Bond Update
Added Possible Gathering to Board Documents Page
Added Kindergarten RoundUp Announcement

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Added Weekly Bond & override Update Email Link

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Updated Bond and Override page with Hopi Update and Governing Board Documents and Video

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Governing Board Documents Page - 10/25 Docs & Video