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To enroll in Schools of Choice (Cheyenne, Echo Canyon and Pueblo), you must apply through open enrollment.

Regular Enrollment

Parents will need to complete the enrollment forms online at here as the first step in the enrollment process. Once you complete the enrollment documents online, please bring the confirmation page to the school campus along with other required documentation. The additional required documentation is listed below. Enrollment needs to be finalized in person at the school.
The following information will be used to enroll your student:

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Enrollment Information

Age Limitations
Kindergarten: Any student enrolling in kindergarten must be five (5) years old on or before August 31 in the school year for which you are applying, per ARS 15-821. 
Kindergarten Early Entrance: Students who turn five (5) years old between September 1 and December 31 may be assessed to determine readiness for early entrance into kindergarten in the school year for which you are applying. Please visit the Pre-Kindergarten (4s) website for additional information.
For additional questions regarding early entrance testing, please contact Community Education at 480-484-7900. If you have any questions after the assessment has been given, please call Community Education at 480-484-7900.
Early Entrance Application
First Grade: Any student enrolling in first grade must be six (6) years old on or before August 31 in the school year for which you are applying, per ARS 15-821.

Open Enrollment Information
How to Open Enroll
Throughout the School Year 
Each school will be open throughout the school year (Note: All schools will not be open during fall, winter or spring breaks)

Change of Student Information (i.e., address, phone, emergency contacts)
Parents/guardians who need to change student information for currently enrolled students are able to make these changes at the school site. 

  • All changes made throughout the year must be completed in person; data will not be changed via phone or fax. 
  • Parents/guardians must provide identification; only authorized parents/guardians can make changes to student data. 
  • Parents/guardians will need to provide appropriate documentation for the change requested, i.e., proof of residency documents. Example: Utility bill 
  • Parents must sign and date the Student Profile Report which will be printed by the school site; their signature authorizes the changes.


For enrollment questions, please contact the school you are interested in.

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Regular Enrollment