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SUSD School BusesOur mission is to get your student transported safely to and from school. We also transport Special Needs students to their specialty schools; athletes to and from events; and students on field trips. Transportation plays a vital role in the event of an emergency.

Dispatch Office

A.M. Dispatch:
(480) 484-8556

P.M. Dispatch:
(480) 484-8553

Important Information for Parents

  • Identification is required to ride SUSD buses
  • Ensure that students ride only the bus route they are assigned
  • Kindergarteners may not be discharged from their assigned bus unless a parent/responsible party meets the student at the bus stop
  • Call the Dispatch Office when there is a special circumstance that affects your student's bus ridership
  • We assume no responsibility for lost items. Every effort is made to return lost items to their rightful owner.
  • NEW:  2019-2020 update regarding student ridership on buses other than one assigned to:           English     Spanish
  • Transportation Policy Update - Fall 2018

    Transportation Forms
    • Request to Establish Transportation Service       English    Spanish
    • Request for Eligibility Exception                                 English    Spanish
      (live within walk zone or open enroll)
    • Request to Use Alternate Bus Stop                           English   Spanish
      (use stop other than one closest to home)

Rules of the Road

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Facts & Stats

  • 113 Bus Drivers
  • 179 Buses
    127 Bus Routes
  • 1.8 Million Rides in 2017-18
  • 2.2 Million Miles Driven Annually
  • 1469 Hours of Safety Training Annually

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Brendan Wagner
Director of Transportation
(480) 484-8558
Fax: (480) 484-8590

Valerie Pleasant
Executive Administrative Assistant
(480) 484-8551

Dave Collins (North of McDonald Rd.)
Driver Supervisor
(480) 484-8554

David Jacobson (South of McDonald Rd.)
Driver Supervisor
(480) 484-8576

Johnny Williams
Fleet Supervisor
(480) 484-8597

Robin Daut
Field Trip Gifted, IB, Shuttles,Coordinator  
(480) 484-8555

Diane Watson
Special Needs Busing Coordinator 
(480) 484-8521
Fax: (480) 484-8594