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Welcome to SUSD Transportation Department

The Transportation Department is dedicated to providing the safest transportation for the students. We cover approximately 174 routes daily, provide over 1.6 million rides a year, and cover over 2.2 million safe miles yearly. Our priority is to safely transport students to and from school. We also transport Special Needs students to their specialty schools, transport athletes to and from athletic events, and transport students on their various class field trips.

Mission Statement
To support the educational process by providing safe and dependable transportation services in response to the needs of the students, staff and community.

Items Left on Bus
The Transportation department assumes no responsibility for lost items, but every effort will be made to locate such lost items and return them to their rightful owner. Please contact our Dispatch Office at 480-484-8556 for lost items 

Bus Routes
Trip Reduction Program
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Transportation Update — September 5, 2018

PDF: SUSD Transportation Update - September 5, 2018

Important Kindergarten Bus Rider Policy Note

Kindergarten students may not be discharged from their assigned bus unless a parent or responsible party is present to meet the student at the bus stop.  An older sibling (3rd grade or above) who is assigned to ride the same bus may be the responsible party for a kindergarten student.  Should no responsible party be present at the bus stop the school bus driver will report this fact to the Transportation dispatch office and the kindergarten student will be returned to their school.

Bus Rules & Documents

Arizona Department of Public Safety - Student Transportation Information
AZ Department of Transportation Links
AZ DPS Minimum Standards | PDF Download
AZ DPS Bulletin 7/27/2011 | PDF Download
AZ DPS Cell Phone Update | PDF Download​​​​​​​
SUSD BUS Code of Conduct | PDF Download​​​​​​​

SUSD Trip Reduction Program

Employees and students of Scottsdale Unified School District can do their part to improve Arizona's air quality while reducing traffic congestion. Car-pooling, using public transit systems, riding school buses, biking, and walking to work and school are just some of the ways we can cut down on air pollution and traffic.

Additional information, including the name of your Trip Reduction Program (TRP) site coordinator, is available on employee bulletin boards, or by contacting the Transportation Department at 480-484-8550. Your site coordinator can explain the program and help you set up shared rides. The District guarantees a ride home for those who are participating in shared rides. It provides car-pooling spaces at each site, as well as bike racks.

The superintendent urges employees to reduce the use of their vehicles whenever possible.
District Participation in Maricopa County Trip Reduction Program (TRP)

Other information is available at the following websites: 
Arizona Bike Club
Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality
Find a Ride Share
Maricopa Government Air Quality
Valley Metro


Brendan Wagner
Director of Transportation
Fax 480-484-8590

Valerie Pleasant
Executive Administrative Assistant

David Jacobson
Operations Supervisor
Fax 484-8565
Dave Collins

Operations Supervisor
Fax 480-484-8590

Johnny Williams
Fleet Supervisor

Kim Bildilli
Busing Coordinator
Fax 484-8587

Robin Daut
Field Trip Gifted, IB, Shuttles,Coordinator  

Diane Watson
Special Needs Busing Coordinator 
Fax 484-8594 

Anja Mathews
Transportation Dispatcher

Jack Taylor
Transportation Dispatcher
Darlene Huebner

Transportation Driver Trainer