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College and Career Readiness

In 2008, the Arizona Department of Education approved Education and Career Action Plans (ECAP) for all Arizona students in grades 9-12. An ECAP allows students to track their academic career, postsecondary and extracurricular information. Beginning with the graduating class of 2013, all high school students are required to have a formal ECAP in place. To help our middle and high school guidance counselors, the District purchased Naviance, a Web-based program that manages students’ ECAPs. Naviance has been used in the high schools and this year has been expanded to the middle schools to better prepare students for the transition to high school. Each middle and high school has its own Web portal with student accounts.


Benefits of Naviance:

  • User-friendly
  • Provides the ability to research State & National Colleges of your choice 
  • Allows searching of colleges by filtering based on location, students, admission, athletics, majors, costs, and special programs
  • Lists scholarships and money with matching criteria to help in your search
  • Shows the minimum entrance requirements to specific Universities
  • Exhibits average GPA data of accepted students at specific Colleges
  • Reveals historical data from our school for students who have been accepted
  • Helps create an impressive resume
  • Provides important application deadlines for entrance and scholarship applications
  • Tracks transcripts to college(s) where the student has applied
  • Shows side by side college comparisons
  • Supplies career assessment, personality type, and career interest tests
  • Allows students to establish goals & define steps to accomplish their goals
  • Keeps a record of courses taken and prepares the student for success after high-school with course planning tools
  • Students will learn which career cluster or types of work may be a good match based on activities that interest them, personal qualities and subjects they enjoy
  • Naviance furnishes easy communication between you & your school. You can e-mail your school from the home page. Both your email and your school's e-mail addresses are pre-populated.

For more information about ECAP, please view the ECAP Site. Should you have any specific questions, please speak directly with your child’s counselor and/or site administration.

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Naviance Overview Video

Student Portfolio

Student Portfolio
We are pleased to announce a great new feature called Student Portfolio that is now available to your students and parents. 
Portfolio Elements 

What is the Student Portfolio feature? 
This new function allows students and parents to view and print the student’s portfolio, commonly referred to as an ILP or Student Success Plan. 

How does this help your school(s)? 
Most states now mandate that all students in middle school and/or high school have an individual learning plan or portfolio that is documented and easily accessible. The typical elements of a portfolio can be tracked within Naviance, and now students and parents can print these plans. 

What can be printed as a part of the portfolio? 
The printed portfolio includes the key elements of the student folder. See Portfolio Elements document (attached). 

How can you access this new feature? 
The portfolio link will automatically appear in Family Connection on the About Me tab in the "Interesting Things About Me" section. All students, parents and alumni will have access. All staff who have permission to log in to Family Connection from within Naviance will also be able to access this feature.