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Middle School Information

Middle School Athletics Information

The Mountainside athletic program is available for both boys and girls in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.  The sports that are offered at Mountainside are: Baseball, Volleyball, Softball, Boys and Girls Soccer, Flag Football, Cross Country Track, Boys and Girls Basketball, Track & Field, and Spirit Line. 


All student athletes will learn the basic fundamental skills of the sport, rules, safety precautions, positions, strategies, gear/equipment, and how to play the sport.  Regardless of experience, all student athletes will participate equally and get to play most, if not all of the positions in the sport they are signed registered for. At the end of TIER ONE, there will be an SUSD Saturday Festival where all student athletes will participate in 3 games.  Following the TIER ONE season, the coach will need to finalize his or her team to 15 players to move onto the TIER TWO season which means that not all TIER ONE athletes will be selected to go onto TIER TWO.  The coach will decide on the best 15 student athletes for the team regardless of grade.  Coaches consider things like playing ability, practice and school attendance, attitude, positional needs, and team chemistry.  The cost for TIER ONE is $60 and is nonrefundable, regardless if your child is selected for TIER TWO. 



The fee for TIER TWO is $30 and is nonrefundable.  15 student athletes will continue for 4 more weeks after TIER ONE, compete against other SUSD Middle Schools, and have both home and away games. Student athletes need to have above a 2.0 GPA and no F’s in order to be eligible and compete in athletic competitive games. 

For more information, please email Mountainside Athletic Director Tamara Johnson:


Middle School Athletics Calendar


Image result for mountainside cougar logo 2019-20 Mountainside Athletic Calendar

Practices3:00-4:15 Monday-Thursday (No practices on half days)

Games/Meets:  Start time is 4:00 (Start time is 4:15 when playing Copper Ridge)

Makeup Games/Meets:  Canceled games for any reason are not rescheduled

Transportation:  Transportation for away games is provided from MMS to the games and back to MMS.  You must pick your child up at Mountainside when the bus returns.


Fall II Sports and Coaching Staff - Begins Oct. 14


Boys 6th Grade Basketball Vincent Salus
Boys 7th Grade Basketball Timothy Kahl
Boys 8th Grade Basketball Patrick Ferragut
Boys Soccer Trenton Corea
Girls Soccer Richard Verneeze
Girls 7th Grade Softball David Miller
Girls 8th Grade Softball Tamara Johnson
Spiritline/Cheer Holly Bodinet