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Middle School Information

Middle School Athletics Information

If you have specific questions about Ingleside athletics, please contact our Athletic Director, Mrs. Jena Krahl. She can be reached at or 480-484-4900.





The Ingleside athletic program is available for both boys and girls in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.  Sports offered at Ingleside are listed below: 


1st Quarter-Fall


2nd Quarter-Winter I

3rd Quarter-Winter II

4th Quarter-Spring

Girls Volleyball

Boys Baseball


Girls soccer

Boys soccer

Girls Softball

Boys Basketball


Girls Basketball

Flag Football

Boys/Girls Cross Country


Boys/Girls Track and Field

See link to sports schedules and coach information under the Middle School Athletics Calendar at the bottom of this page.

Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Flag Football and Basketball seasons are divided up into two parts, or tiers: 


Tier One:


  • Registered athletes will practice after school during the first three weeks of the quarter.
  • All registered athletes participate.  This is non-competitive. There are NO try-outs or cuts during this time.
  • A Saturday festival will take place at the end of the three weeks of practice.  Players will be divided up into teams and play three games against other teams from SUSD middle schools. 
  • There will be no grade checks during this time of participation.
  • Cost is $60


Tier Two:


  • Following Tier One, eligible athletes will practice and play competitively after school for the six remaining weeks of the quarter.
  • Coaches will select approximately 30 athletes from Tier One to play competitively.  These 30 athletes will be divided into two teams:  Junior Varsity and Varsity.
  • Competitive games against other SUSD middle schools will be played weekly.  Transportation will be provided for all away games leaving and returning to Ingleside.
  • There will be grade checks during this time. 
    • Students are not eligible to play in Tier 2 competitive games until both a minimal GPA of 2.0 and no ‘F’s in all classes are verified in writing.
  • Cost is an additional $30 fee. Must be paid before first game.


Cross Country and Track/Field are not divided into two tiers.


  • Takes place the first 7 weeks of the quarter.
  • All registered students participate.  Transportation will be provided for all away games leaving and returning to Ingleside.
  • There will be no grade checks during practice meets.  Grade checks will apply to any qualifiers and final meets.
  • Cost is $75





Middle School Athletics Calendar


Here is a link to a Google calendar with the most current information for Ingleside: