Ingleside Administration

Dr. Christopher Thuman

Position |  Principal
Phone | 480-484-4900
Email |
Administrative Support Coordinator | Joanna Gonzalez Martinez | 480-484-4904

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Dr. Thuman has been working in education for 15 years. He has been a high school Biology teacher, Physical Education teacher, Athletic Director, and Assistant Principal. Prior to becoming the principal of Ingleside, Dr. Thuman served as Executive Director of Community Education and Online Learning for 5 years. Dr. Thuman obtained his Bachelor’s of Education from Michigan State University, his Masters of Education from DePaul University, and his Doctorate of Business Administration from Argosy University.

Mrs. Erin Kadera

Position |  Assistant Principal
Phone | 480-484-4906
Email |


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Mrs. Kadera started her career in SUSD in 1995. She served in many capacities, including instructional assistant, grants specialist, teacher, and administrator. She taught at Hohokam and Ingleside, and served as the Assistant Principal at Navajo prior to moving to Ingleside in March of 2016. She has several endorsements on her certificate including reading specialist, math specialist, early childhood, and SEI. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Arizona State University and a Master of Arts in Education-Administration and Supervision from University of Phoenix. In 2013, she was honored by the Rodel Foundation of Arizona by being named a Rodel Exemplary Teacher.

Ingleside Teachers & Staff

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Title I Instructional SpecialistAdministration
Name   Title
Dr. Christopher Thuman   Thuman - Principal
Erin Kadera    Kadera - Assistant Principal
Name   Title
DeAnne Bluhm   Bluhm - Administrative Support Assistant - Attendance
Laura Stiles   Stiles - Administrative Support Assistant - Registrar
Joanna Gonzalez   Gonzalez - Administrative Support Coordinator
Student Services
Name   Title
Shelbi Baros   Baros - School Psychologist
Rebecca Franson   Franson - School Nurse
Cheryl Guthrie   Guthrie - Guidance Counselor:  All Grades (Last names A - L)
Leticia Pereda   Pereda - School Community Specialist, BL
Dana Molnar   Molnar - Guidance Counselor:  All Grades (Last names M - Z)
Roni Scholz   Scholz - Title I Instructional Specialist
Language Arts
Name   Subject
Traci Avalos   Avalos - 7th Grade Language Arts  &  Literary Pursuit
Lori Baumgarten   Baumgarten - 8th Grade Language Arts
Shalese Doan   Doan - 7th Grade Language Arts
Stacey Greene   Greene - Gifted Language Arts / INN News
Ashley Williams   Williams - 6th Grade Language Arts
Andrena Meeks   Meeks - 6th Grade Language Arts
Wesley Wagner   Wagner - 8th Grade Language Arts
Name   Subject
Kiersten Graber   Graber - 6th Grade Math
Shaun Scott   Scott - 7th Grade Math
Eric Dimmery   Dimmery - 8th Grade Math/Algebra I/GTH
Sandra Downey   Downey - 8th Grade Math
Lynzi Stralek   Stralek - 6th Grade Math 
Kristin Threet   Threet - 7th Grade Math
Name   Subject
Matt Benson   Benson - 6th Grade Science
David Berger   Berger - 7th Grade Science
Tom George   George - 7th Grade Science
Chris Hain   Hain - 8th Grade Science/STEM
Jena Krahl   Krahl - 8th Grade Science
D'Anne McDaniel   McDaniel - Gifted Science/8th Grade Science
Lauren Ohanesian   Ohanesian - 6th Grade Science 
 Social Studies
Name   Subject
Ari Blankstein   Blankstein - 8th Grade Social Studies
Amber Emr   Emr - 6th Grade Social Studies 
Ann Engle   Engle - 7th Grade Social Studies
Brittany Kreisman   Kreisman - Gifted Social Studies/Yearbook
Michael Maltese   Maltese - 8th Grade Social Studies
Gina Scarlata   Scarlata - 6th Grade Social Studies
Dr. Jamie Boarder   Boarder - 7th Grade Social Studies
Name   Subject
Kay Berry   Berry - Computers
Donald August Mason   Mason - French Exploratory/Spanish Exploratory 
Kimberly Landwehr    Landwehr - Librarian
Terra Hunsicker   Hunsicker - Band
Sally Jepson   Jepson - College and Career Enhancement / Computers
Susan Leonard   Leonard - Physical Education
Dr. Sammy Brauer   Brauer - Chorus
Rachel Mazzullo   Mazzullo - Orchestra
Charity Recla   Recla - Visual Art
Lisa Berkson   Berkson - Japanese I
Chelsea Miller   Japanese Exploratory 
Rachelle Lochridge   Lochridge - Public Speaking and Debate 
Linda Rittenhouse    Spanish I/ French I
Tony Stillings    Stillings - 7th/8th Grade Physical Education 
 Special Education
Name   Title
Robin Taylor   Taylor - ALC
Angela Rand    Rand - LRC - 6th grade
Margaret Winkler   Winkler - LRC - 7th grade
Katie Peters   Peters - LRC - 8th grade
Name   Title
Simona Bojkova   Bojkova - ELD 
Katherine Benda Hioki   Hioki - EIS Support 
Anne Bork    Bork - Speech 
 Special Services
Name   Title
Julie Lambert   Lambert - Cafeteria Manager
Bruce Freeman   Freeman - Facilities Coordinator
Jason Guyan   Guyan - Facilities Services
Mark Harrington   Harrington - School Resource Officer (SRO)

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School Information

Principal: Christopher Thuman
Assistant Principal:  Erin Kadera
Address: 5402 E. Osborn Rd., Phoenix, AZ. 85018
Phone: 480-484-4900
Fax: 480-484-4901
Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:00pm
School Hours: 7:45am - 2:20pm 
Grades: 6th - 8th 
Colors: Royal Blue and White
Mascot: Trojan
Year Opened: 1956        Rebuilt: Fall 2013

Visitors to Our School
Parents who are scheduled to volunteer on campus are required to sign in at the front office, provide ID, and wear a visitor sticker any time they are on campus. Other adult visitors must make arrangements with the front office to visit our campus. Student visitors are not permitted.

PTO/PTA Information

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Important Info for PTO/PTA/APT

Site Council

Site Council Meeting Dates for 2017-2018

Site Council  meets on Mondays from 2:40-3:40  in the office conference room.

  • August 21
  • September 18
  • October 16
  • November 20
  • January 22
  • February 26
  • March 19
  • April 16
  • May 21

2017-2018 Site Council Members

  • Chris Thuman - Administrative Representative
  • Erin Kadera - Administrative Representative
  • Joanna Gonzalez - Classified Representative
  • Eric Dimmery - Teacher Representative
  • Sally Jepson - Teacher Representative
  • Wes Wagner - Teacher Representative
  • Kristin Threet - Teacher Representative
  • Sandra Downey - Teacher Representative
  • Kelly Argall - Parent Representative
  • Laura WIngers - Parent Representative
  • Robin Lyon - Parent Representative
  • Shannon Coin - Parent Representative
  • Dina Musselmann - Parent Representative
  • Lori Arndt - Community Representative

2017-2018 Site Council Minutes

2017-2018 Communications Network Minutes