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Tonalea K-8 Administration

Dr. David Priniski

Position |  Principal
Phone | 480-484-5810
Email | dpriniski@susd.org
Administrative Support Coordinator | Molly Costantini

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Dr. Priniski, also a product of Scottsdale Schools, has served with Scottsdale for the past 7 years.  Previously, he served as an administrator in Scottsdale with SUSD Community Education, Ingleside and Supai Middle Schools and Yavapai and Tonalea Elementary Schools.  Dr. Priniski also served as a teacher to the Flowing Wells School District in Tucson, Arizona and the Madison School District in Phoenix, Arizona.   Dr. Priniski speaks Spanish and is a proud graduate of the University of Arizona and Arizona State University.

Justin Firehawk

Position |  Assistant Principal
Phone | 480-484-5812
Email | jfirehawk@susd.org


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Mr. Firehawk, a product of the Scottsdale School District, is proud to be back to serve our community.  Mr. Firehawk graduated from Arizona State University, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis on Physical Education.  He taught 7th and 8th grade P.E. for seven years prior to serving as the Dean of Attendance for The Paradise Valley School District at Paradise Valley High School.  Mr. Firehawk holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.  Welcome back Mr. Firehawk!

Matt Gromek

Position |  Assistant Principal
Phone | 480-484-5813
Email | mgromek@susd.org

Tonalea Teachers & Staff

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Name   Title
Autumn Merkley   School Nurse
Molly Costantini   Administrative Support Coordinator
Debora Goldman   Administrative Support Coordinator
Diana Benedicto   Administrator Support Assistant
Gloria Vargas   Community Specialist
Michelle Mendes Vazquez   Administrative Support Tech Registrar
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Name   Title
Eva Plouin   Pre-K
Lisa Achtzehn   Kindergarten Teacher
Susan Ferguson   Kindergarten Teacher
1st Grade
Name   Title
Laura Baker   1st Grade Teacher 
Dennis Gibney   1st Grade Teacher ELD
Sean Kerr   1st Grade Teacher
2nd Grade
Name   Title
Emma Huffman   2nd Grade Teacher
Juliana Lombardi   2nd Grade Teacher
3rd Grade
Name   Title
Joy Funk   3rd Grade Teacher
Dreama Kyler-Emnett   3rd Grade Teacher
Ashleigh Wyrybkowski    3rd Grade Teacher
4th Grade
Name   Title
Meggie Maack   4th Grade Teacher
Esther Zanovitch   4th Grade Teacher
Rochelle Robson   4th Grade Teacher ELD
5th Grade
Name   Title
Zach Cuppy   5th Grade Teacher
Megan Cadotte   5th Grade Teacher
Amber Longo   5th Grade Teacher
6th Grade
Name   Title
Christopher Clement   6th Science
Kris Martin   6th - 8th ELD / 6th Math
Stephanie Muszynski   6th Math
Angela Lucero   6th ELA Honors/ Computers
Shimaku Shimizu   6th ELA
Paula Slamowitz   6th Social Studies
7th Grade
Name   Title
Jonathan Naylor   7th Social Studies
Dawn Knight   7th Science
Randi Sayles   7th ELA
Megan Zweig   7th Math
Shari Sklar   7th Math/8th Math/MTS 6-8
8th Grade
Name   Title
Theresa Byro   7th/8th ELA Honors/Title 1 Instructional Specialist
Jordan Cole   8th Math
Shawn Crosier   8th Social Studies
Julia Hostal   8th Science
Mia Merrick   8th Math Honors/ Art
Jennifer Rosser   8th Social Studies ELD
Maria Solberg   8th ELA
Emelie Felix   Art  K-5
Mitchell Armour   PE  K-5
Erin Riggers   Music  K-2
Bonnie York   Band Teacher
Sam Brasen   Music Teacher
Allison Hogue   Strings
Dexter Brown   6th - 8th Boys PE
Durana Bryant   6th - 8th Girls PE
Emma Miranda   ALC Teacher
Mario Garcia   Spanish
Kelly Plowman   Librarian
Tracy Foster   College and Career
Christina Hirtzel   Japanese and 6th/7th Science
Special Education
Madeline Agpoon   LRC K-6
Anna Carter   LRC and RTS 6-8
Amber Kamm   LRC 8th Grade
Monica Lourenco   LRC 7th Grade 
Ken Westray   ED SUCCESS
Tim Watts    Life Skills Teacher
Cheryl Cunningham   Life Skills Teacher
Hallie Todaro   Speech-Language Pathologist
Julie Jimenez   Speech-Language Therapist
Special Services    
Thomas Felton   Psychologist
Roy Chamberlin   Counselor (A-F)
Tammy Clow-Kennedy   Guidance Counselor (G-Z)
Miguel Duran   Social Worker
Laura Matera   Gifted Coach K-5
Aimee Goodman   Gifted Coach/STEM
Lynette Coleman   Literacy Specialist
Elissa Nowacki   Title 1 Instructional Specialist/Behavior Interventionist
Michelle Piazza   Title 1 Instructional Specialist
Lisa Bozik   Title 1 Intervention Specialist

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School Information

Principal: Dr. David Priniski
Assistant Principal: Justin Firehawk
Address: 6720 E. Continental, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Phone: 480-484-5800
Fax: 480-484-5801
Office Hours: 7:00 am - 3:30pm
School Hours: 7:45am - 2:20pm 
Grades: Pre-Kindergarten (4s) - 8th Grade
Colors: Red and White
Mascot: Tiger
Year Opened: 2016

Visitors to Our School
Parents who are scheduled to volunteer on campus are required to sign in at the front office, provide ID, and wear a visitor sticker any time they are on campus. Other adult visitors must make arrangements with the front office to visit our campus. Student visitors are not permitted.

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Site Council

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