Copper Ridge Administration

Lindsay Stollar Slover

Position |  Principal
Phone | 480-484-1410
Email |
Administrative Support Coordinator | Barbara Leutzinger

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Lindsay Stollar Slover is in her fifteenth year as an educator in Arizona and is a native to the state. During her career as a teacher, she taught middle and high school English, including reading intervention, general education, Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) Language and Composition. She holds a Master Degree is in Curriculum and Instruction, and has an additional graduate certificate in Professional and Technical Writing. Mrs. Slover is the daughter of a principal, and became a principal herself because of her dedication to working with students, teachers, and families.

“At Copper Ridge, we are committed to providing the best possible learning experience at each grade level—this means focusing on challenge for each student every day and working to meet the needs of students as individuals. If we do this, we can ensure all students are successful.” Lindsay Stollar Slover, Principal

Jennifer Waldron

Position |  Assistant Principal
Phone | 480-484-1509
Email |

Amanda Rand

Position |  Dean of Students
Phone | 480-484-1506
Email |

Copper Ridge Teachers & Staff

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Office Staff  Title
Barb Leutzinger Admin Coordinator 
Aimee Nordini Admin Assistant (Attendance) 
Christie  Stapleton Admin Assistant (Registrar)
Megan Mayer Counselor 
David Anderson-Bey Psychologist
Steve  McDonough Security
Michelle Mitchell SRO
Chris  Northfelt Nurse
Katie Andersen Nurse
Carrie Blagg Nurse Assistant
Emily D'Ambrosio Librarian
Christy Brinton Media/Blazer Broadcast
Sharry  Altiveros Computer Lab Aide
Mariela  Duarte Community Specialist
Jennifer Bracy JFCAZ 
Preschool/Pre-K  Title/Room #
Colleen Galvin Pre K Panda Teacher - Room #814
Diana Gaddie  Pre K Panda Aide - Room #814
Moriah Hart Pre K Panda Speech Teacher - Room #814
Sharon  Laulain-Libby Pre K 3's Teacher  - Room #815
Janice Brancheau  Pre K 3's Aide - Room #815
Neli Nikolov Pre K 4's Teacher  - Room #828
Yvonne  Gee Pre K 4's Aide
Lisa Checkoway Pre K 4's Aide 
Kindergarten Title /Room #
Cathryn Geary Kindergarten Teacher - Room #826
Karen Sacks Kindergarten Teacher - Room #817
Sarah Johnson Kindergarten Teacher - Room #821
Instructional/Noon Aides  
Barb Caley  
Lisa James  
Carolyn Chinthagada  
Danielle Kesic  
Tammy Zorn  
1st Grade  Title/Room #
Michelle Drapeau 1st Grade Teacher - Room #802
Rick Gates 1st Grade Teacher -Room #811
Kayla Carter 1st Grade Teacher - Room #803
Kristen Watson Para Aide - Room #803
2nd Grade  Title/Room #
Erin Corsi 2nd Grade Teacher - Room #847
Jennifer Dear 2nd Grade Teacher - Room #841
Patti Hanlon 2nd Grade Teacher - Room #842
3rd Grade  Title/Room #
Rachel  Dineff 3rd Grade Teacher - Room #836
Nichole Viderman 3rd Grade Teacher - Room #837
Kristine Vogel 3rd Grade Teacher - Room #830
4th Grade  Title/Room #
Tina Lugo 4th Grade Teacher - Room #309
Lynn Willim 4th Grade Teacher - Room 312
Dana Zinn 4th Grade Teacher - Room #316
5th Grade  Title/Room #
Jeanie Macdonald 5th Grade Teacher -Room #300
Nanette Hubbell 5th Grade Teacher -Room #302
James Hayden 5th Grade Teacher -Room #304
Pam Mouallem 5th Grade Teacher -Room #305
Elementary Specials Title/Room #
Ranae Pierre-Bez Elementary Art Teacher - Room #615
Tim Nesvig Elementary PE Teacher  - Elementary Gym
Nathalie Weale Elementary Spanish Teacher -Room #601
Carolyn Blackburn Music/Band Teacher - Music Building
Vicki Love Music/Strings Teacher -Music Building
6th Grade  Title/Room #
Nicole Buongiorno 6th Grade Teacher Language Arts - Room #202
Jill Gerding 6th Grade Teacher Social Studies - Room #204
Kurt Frederick 6th Grade Teacher Math - Room #200
Marina Rodriguez 6th Grade Teacher Science - Room #205
7th Grade  Title/Room #
Tyler Kozimor 7th Grade Teacher Science - Room #409
Lorri Frederick 7th Grade Teacher Math - Room #416
Kat Schulz 7th Grade Teacher Social Studies - Room #412
Julianne Wilfert 7th Grade Teacher Language Arts - Room #414
8th Grade  Title/Room #
Casey Kadavy 8th Grade Teacher Language Arts - Room #402
Kristina Ambri 8th Grade Teacher Social Studies - Room #406
Clinton Hughes 8th Grade Teacher Science - Room #405
Jennifer Munoz 8th Grade Teacher Math - Room #400
Lynda Boepple 8th Grade Teacher Gifted/Stem - Room #404
Haley Fortney Art/Stugo Middle School Teacher - Room #615
Middle School Specials  Title/Room #
Kurt Frederick  YearBook - Room #200
Braden Apana Robotics/Math - Room #206/#209
Daniel Chin Athletic Director/PE - Middle School Gym
Jessie Clemente Spanish Teacher - Room #602
Carolyn Blackburn Band - Music  Building
Vicki Love Strings / Musical Theater  -Music Building
Academic Support  Title/Room #
Kim Vallejo Elementary Gifted - Room #851
Lynda Boepple  Middle School Gifted - Room #404
Kris Picard LRC 7-8
Tarrin Schultz Speech 
Jerry Valerius SCA 6-8
Sherry Buchhholz Instructional Para 
Jessie Clemente Spanish 6-8
Kharah Lombardi OT
Gretchen Leja PT
Nancy Turell Hearing
Bonnie Steinberg Vision
Melinda Johnson  Facilities 
Lori Milford Facilities 
Leah Folz Cafeteria Manager
Irma Sierra Cafeteria
Dawn Emmons Cafeteria
Kids Club  
  Kids Club-Cafeteria
Bryan Asaba Kids Club-Cafeteria
Hannah Lashin Kids Club-Cafeteria
Lisa Checkoway Kids Club-Cafeteria

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School Information

Principal: Lindsay Stollar Slover
Assistant Principal: Jennifer Waldron
Dean of Students: Amanda Rand

Address: 10101 E. Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Phone: 480-484-1400
Fax: 480-484-1501
Office Hours: 8:00am - 3:30pm
School Hours: 8:45am - 3:15pm 
Grades: Preschool (s) - 8th Grade
Colors: Black, Teal and Copper
Mascot: Trailblazer
Year Opened: 2001

Visitors to Our School
Parents who are scheduled to volunteer on campus are required to sign in at the front office, provide ID, and wear a visitor sticker any time they are on campus. Other adult visitors must make arrangements with the front office to visit our campus. Student visitors are not permitted.

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