Tech Tips

To ensure your computer at home can run GradPoint properly, you should take a few moments to check your computer for required software and hardware. You can click the “Check Your System” button below and the Check List to ensure you are ready to take our courses.

Check Your System
Download Adobe Reader
Download Adobe Shockwave
Download Java
Download Firefox
Download Chrome
Download Adobe Flash

GradPoint is an entirely web based application that only interacts with a browser. Any OS that can use the supported browsers is acceptable.

It needs at least:

  • Screen resolution 1280 x 960 or greater recommended (lower resolutions may require scrolling)
  • 128 MB graphics memory recommended
  • Any Creative Labs or 100 percent compatible sound card
  • Any headset (optional)

And installed:

  • Internet Explorer® 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, or 11.x(native modeonly)
  • Mozilla Firefox® (all versions)
  • Google Chrome® (all versions)
  • Safari® (all versions)
  • Java Script™ and Active X must be enabled in the browser
  • Adobe Flash® Player 10.x or higher
  • Adobe Shockwave® 10.x or higher
  • Adobe Reader®(latest version)
  • Arial Monospaced (True Type) font
  • Microsoft Office® or other application that can open .xls and .doc files
  • Local application that can open .zip file