Parent Information

Concurrent enrollment for SOL is closed for 2016/17.

Now, all Arizona students will have the opportunity to take advantage of studying with Scottsdale Unified School District’s highly qualified teachers from virtually anywhere.
Call SOL office to pre-screen registration process 480-484-6866 before registering.

What type of student takes online courses?

  1. College-bound students in need of advanced or specialized coursework not offered at their school.
  2. Students wanting to improve their skills in specific subject areas.
  3. Gifted or advanced students in need of expanded educational offerings.
  4. Homebound students needing courses to complete their graduation requirements.

What can I do to help assure my student’s success?
Closely monitor the student’s progress from the beginning of each course. Click here for instructions on how to create a parent/guardian account in Genius.

How much do the courses cost?
Scottsdale Online Learning is FREE to any out-of-SUSD student living in Arizona.

Is Scottsdale Online Learning NCAA approved?
Yes. All core courses are approved by the NCAA, and students will earn letter grades in all subjects.

Is there a teacher for every class?
Every class has a highly qualified, Arizona-certified SUSD teacher instructing the class.

How do I view my student’s grades in Genius and Synergy?
Click here

How do I view the Prevention of Discrimination Legal Notice?
See Legal Department

Attendance Policy
Offline Minutes Policy: Students will be dropped from a course after 10 consecutive days of inactivity. In agreement with the attendance policy, students must present offline minutes as one requirement to take the final.  Enter offline minutes in Genius.  ADE requires 5400 minutes per course.

In compliance with state and local laws, policies, and procedures, please be aware of SUSD'S attendance policies. Specifically, Arizona state law says that it is unlawful for any child between the ages of six and sixteen to fail to attend school during the hours school is in session, unless exempt due to extenuating circumstances as outlined in A.R.S. 15-802, 15-803. 

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