Saguaro Administration

Ann Achtziger

Position  |  Principal
Phone  |  480-484-7100
Email  |
Administrative Support Coordinator  |  Jeaninne Pell  480-484-7107

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Daniel Milligan
Position  |  Assistant Principal
Phone  |  480-484-7106
Email  |
Administrative Support Assistant  |  Linda Chapple  |  480-484-7105

Kristen Tindall

Position  |  Assistant Principal
Phone  |  480-484-7104
Email   |
Administrative Support Assistant Marilyn Bergs  |  480-484-7103

Kraig Leuschner

Position  |  Assistant Principal,  Athletic Director
Phone  |  480-484-7109
Email  |
Administrative Support Assistant |  Frank Ruben  |  480-484-7108

Saguaro Teachers & Staff

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 Name     Dial  480-484-7100   first Title
Ann Achtziger   7107 Principal                                             
Daniel Milligan   7106 Assistant Principal - Educational Services
Kristen Tindall   7104 Assistant Principal - Student Services
Kraig Leuschner   7109 Assistant Principal - Athletic Director
 Administrative and Support Staff
Name   Ext. Title
Luci Barnes   7149 Guidance Assistant / Attendance
Marilyn Bergs   7103 Student Services / Administrative Support / Webmaster 
Cindy Breen   7113 Registrar / Transcripts
Karey Browne   7133 Social Worker
Brandee Chan   7162 College and Career Coordinator
Linda Chapple   7105 Educational Services / Administrative Support
Kandie Donda   7100 Reception Desk
Officer Matt Heeren   7116 SRO - School Resource Office
Dede Johnston   7166 Bookstore Manager
Jeaninne Pell   7107 Administrative Support Coordinator / Webmaster 
Laura Race   7118 Community Specialist
Frank Ruben   7108 Athletics and Facilities / Administrative Support
Nancy Tillinghast   7111 Nurse
Nagui Sabbagh   7161 Athletic Equipment Manager
Minja Vallo   7119 Psychologist
 Guidance Department
Name   Ext. Title
LeAnne Carter   7121 Guidance Counselor
Kristin Jones   7123 Guidance Counselor
Donna Wittwer   7120 Guidance Counselor
 Career and Technical Education Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Matt Bohnert   5373 Marketing/Graphic Design /Yearbook / DECA / Photography
Marcy Cameron   5136 Nursing Assistant and Health Care / Teacher
Abby Waddoups   5360 Media Production / Tech Theatre
eLearning Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Brent Downs   5367 eLearning Class Support
David Mietzner   5151  Credit Recovery
 English Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Karla Bickmore   5174 English Teacher
James Brown   5179 English Teacher
Jessica Davies   5180 English Teacher
Gina Dinkel   5184 English Teacher
Alyssa Muir   5170 English Teacher
Carol Richardson   5172 English Teacher
Deborah Senseney   5183 English Teacher
Stephanie Villarreal   5173 English Teacher
 English Immersion Studies Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Lisa McCandlish   5168 EIS Resource Teacher
 Library Staff
Name   Ext. Title
Gail Oper   7126 Teacher Librarian
 Math Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Donna Alcorn   5359 Math Teacher
Richard Barner   5361 Math Teacher
Shannon Chappell   5351 Math Teacher
Roxanne Desrochers   5377 Math Teacher
Peter Hayes   5386 Math Teacher
Eric Heideman    5378 Math Teacher
Gladis Roa   5354 Math Teacher
Brian Stegall   5362 Math Teacher
Kevin Walz   5384 Math Teacher
David Zirbel   5353 Math Teacher
 Fine Arts Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Rebecca Egyud   7155 Dance Teacher
Chad Henderson   7157 Band Director
Michelle Peacock   5319 Art Teacher
GayLin Tutnick   7158 Vocal Music Director
Abby Waddoups   7170 Theater Teacher / Media Productions
Eileen Wright   5132 Piano/Orchestra/Guitar Teacher
 Physical Education Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Kelly Allen   7152 Physical Education Teacher - Coach
Tim Church   7151 Physical Education Teacher - Coach
Bob La Rue   7151 Boys Basketball Teacher - Coach
Nickie May   7328 Athletic Trainer
Jason Mohns   7159 Physical Education Teacher - Coach
Chris Young   7151 Physical EducationTeacher - Coach
 Science Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Sean Collier   5330 Science Teacher
Amy Johnson   5307 Science Teacher
Susan Lindberg   5311 Science Teacher
Anne Milligan   5325 Science Teacher
Heather Moll   5324 Science Teacher
Derek Nietz   5301 Science Teacher
Camilo Tafur   5328 Science Teacher
Gabrielle Tillyer   5304 Science Teacher
David Zirbel   5309 Science Teacher / Robotics
 Social Studies Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Sarah Corker   5166 Social Studies Teacher
Ashley Crose   5155 Social Studies Teacher
Tammy Dias   5156 Social Studies Teacher
Mike Harris   5159 Social Studies Teacher
Bob LaRue   5162 Social Studies Teacher 
Dave Mietzner   5151 Social Studies Teacher
Ian Stephan   5165 Social Studies Teacher
 Special Education and Special Services Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Karen Glenn   5113 LRC Teacher
CieAna Gomez   5107 LRC Teacher
Colin Gregan   5119 LRC Teacher
Margie Hass   5105 LRC Teacher
Stacey Martins   5116 Special Ed - Autism teacher
Joe Muecke   5118 Special Ed - Autism Teacher
Lisa Sanders   5108 Hearing Impaired Itinerant Teacher
Tiffany Surman   5104 Speech Language Pathologist
Todd Sweeda   5169 Special Ed - SUCCESS Teacher
Samantha Trivelli   5115 Special Ed - Autism Teacher
Kay Van Buskirk   5104 Speech Language Pathologist
 World Languages Department
Name   Ext. Subject
Erin Dahl   5120 Spanish Teacher
Sal Guardiola   5124 Spanish Teacher
Jennifer Harmon   5123 Spanish Teacher
Nan Mang   5154 Mandarin Teacher
Lisa McCandlish   5168 Spanish Teacher
Masami Rivera-Rios   5153 Japanese Teacher
Joseph Schlegel   5153 Russian Teacher
Lynette Slagle   5121 French Teacher

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School Information

Principal: Ann Achtziger
Assistant Principals: Daniel Milligan, Kraig Leuschner, Kristen Tindall
Address: 6250 N. 82nd Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Phone: 480-484-7100
Fax: 480-484-7101
Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:30pm
School Hours: 7:45am - 2:20pm 
Grades: 9th - 12th Grade
Colors: Black and Gold
Mascot: Sabercat
Year Opened: 1966

Visitors to Our School
Parents who are scheduled to volunteer on campus are required to sign in at the front office, provide ID, and wear a visitor sticker any time they are on campus. Other adult visitors must make arrangements with the front office to visit our campus. Student visitors are not permitted.

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