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Desert Mountain HS Guidance Dept.

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Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • August 23rd: AP Exam Registration Opens.
  • October 25th: Deadline to Sign-Up for AP Exams.
  • January 17th: Deadline to Request Accommodations. If your student has a documented disability that affects testing, and you would like to request testing accommodations, please contact DM's SSD Coordinator, Ms. Amy Hardy,, by January 17th.  If your student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), please coordinate with Dr. Cindy Guillaume instead of Ms. Hardy to request accommodations from CollegeBoard. For more information about accommodation eligibility, please click here. Please note: Ms. Hardy and Dr. Guillaume will assist students/families with their requests for accommodations, but the request must be approved by CollegeBoard in order for a student to test with accommodations. For a printable flyer of this information, please click here. For OCR information, please click here.

AP Remind System:
DM uses Remind to communicate with students about upcoming deadlines. To sign up for general AP announcements, text @dmapremind to 81010. For complete directions/e-mail sign up, click here.


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Arizona Board of Regents
Arizona Board of Regents has recently updated the qualifications for a student to be assured admission to Arizona’s three state schools. Students will now qualify if they meet the following criteria:

  • Are an Arizona resident
  • Attend an Arizona regionally accredited high school
  • Have no course work deficiencies as prescribed by the Arizona Board of Regents
  • Have at least a 3.0 unweighted core course GPA

State College Contacts
ASU: Lindsay Luzania- 
ASU Honors College (Barrett): Michelle Hollin- (480) 965-1520,
NAU: Abby Tudor- 928-523-0448,
NAU Honors College: (928) 523-3334,
UA: Ellen Cyrier- (602) 827-2577, 
UA Honors College: Jenni Keatseangsilp- (520) 626-8261, 
GCU: Kendra Godfrey- (480) 431-4966,
SCC: Danielle Wagner- (480) 423-6780,
SCC Honors Program: Dr. Larry Tualla- (480) 423-6525,

Seniors Admitted to Instate Colleges
ASU -Admitted students: Important links
Math placement test:
MMR/Immunization link:

NAU –Admitted students: Important links
Math placement test:
MMR/Immunization link:

UA - Admitted students: Important links
Math placement test:
MMR/Immunization link:

Important Documents/Links:
Apply to ASU
ASU Information Sheet
ASU Important Dates
ASU Personal Statement Tips
ASU Barrett, The Honors College
Apply to NAU
NAU Information Sheet
NAU Important Dates
NAU Scholarship Criteria
NAU Personal Statement Tips
NAU Honors College
Apply to UA
UA Information Sheet
UA Merit Scholarships & Honors College Information (Coming Soon)
UA Personal Statement Tips
UA Honors College
UA SALT Center
Maricopa Community Colleges Enrollment Steps Video
Maricopa Community Colleges Enrollment Guide
AZ Transfer
Arizona Loan, Scholarship, and Grant Resource

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Senior Meeting Information
to apply to an in-state university
1) Application: Go online to:
Fill out the online application.  Submit with the application fee. Use the Self-Report option for classes and grades- it will save you money and your admission status will be sent sooner. If you are applying to an Honors program, be sure to check Honors College requirements and deadlines.
2) Transcript:  Go online to and order an official transcript to be sent to the school(s) you are applying to.  If you are considering the Obama Scholarship/ASU Assurance Program, you are required to send your transcript by the application deadline.
3) Test Scores:  Go online to (for the SAT) and/or (for the ACT) to send your official test scores to the school(s) you are applying to. If you requested to have your scores sent at the time of the test, you do not need to do this again.
To apply to an out-of-state college, you will follow a similar process as above- submitting an online application (please check each out-of-state college's website for application instructions), ordering an official transcript through parchment, and sending official test scores to the schools from CollegeBoard and ACT.
If you need a letter of recommendation from a counselor:
1) Complete a letter of recommendation form and e-mail/drop it off to your counselor. Click here for exemplary examples.
2) Allow a minimum of 2 WEEKS for the letters to be completed.  The counseling office is closed over Fall Break and Winter Break, so plan ahead.
Watch college and scholarship deadlines carefully! Below are a few dates to note.
1) There are scholarship information meetings with Mrs. Loftus every Tuesday from September 10th to December 17th in the College/Career Center at lunch (12:47pm). She requires students to attend one of these meetings before she will meet with you individually regarding scholarships.
2) Check the Naviance “College Tab” to sign up for college visits at DMHS. This is your chance to meet with the college representative who will read your application!
3) FAFSA – financial aid forms are available online this year beginning October 1st.  Many colleges require submission of the FAFSA to qualify for aid or scholarships.

Important Documents/Links:
Letter of Recommendation Form (Student)
Letter of Recommendation Response Examples
Letter of Recommendation Form (Parent)
Common App School Search Tool
Common App "How to Apply"
Common App Login
Common App FAQ
Coalition Application Schools
Coalition Application Information
Coalition Application Login
Overview of Financial Aid Process Video
How to Fill Out the FAFSA Video
FAFSA "What to Expect"
College Admissions Applying 101
College Admission: Process and Prep
How to Write Great UC Application Essays
19-20 School Profile

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College Testing Timeline
SUSD pays and registers all 10th graders to take the PSAT in October. Students need to review their scores (see "PSAT Scores" below) and remediate any areas of weakness before their junior year test date.

Consider taking a FREE practice length test for the ACT or SAT to determine which test is for you. Princeton Review is a valuable website to use when assessing the difference between the SAT & ACT tests. Similar tests are available through Scottsdale Education Center, Kaplan or Vogel Prep. You may also want to check out SAT/ACT prep books from the library to practice your skills.

Register to take the PSAT in August for the opportunity to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Competition.  (NOTE: Registration for the PSAT is done through the DMHS bookstore and there are a limited number of spaces, so please sign up early.)  

SUSD pays and registers all 11th grade students to take the ACT in February. Students can also register to take an ACT and/or SAT in the spring of Junior year/summer going into Senior year. (NOTE: Registration for these tests is not done through DMHS. Registration must be completed through CollegeBoard or ACT.)

Verify whether any colleges you are considering require SAT Subject tests.  For a complete list of schools that require subject tests click here.  Subject tests are offered in 5 subject areas including English, History/Social Studies, Mathematics, Sciences and World Languages. The tests are 1 hour long and cannot be taken on the same date as the SAT.  Plan accordingly to take two of these tests during your junior year.  Many students take the SAT Subject tests to keep their options open. 

Consider signing up to take an additional ACT or SAT test in early Fall.  A higher score on a second test may make you eligible for a higher scholarship award or gain you admission to a more selective college. 

Check on the ACT and SAT websites to make sure you have sent your test scores to all colleges where you are applying/send scores through these websites. This step is key for scholarship consideration.  

PSAT Scores
Follow this link for PSAT score access:

  • See all your scores and if you are on track for college readiness
  • View detailed explanations of skills required to be college ready
  • Send your scores to Khan Academy® for personalized practice recommendations
  • Search for colleges that fit your needs
  • Access your PSAT/NMSQT Selection Index score used for participation in programs conducted by National Merit Scholarship Corporation
  • Start on your scholarship and college financial aid plan
  • Take a personality test to find majors and careers fit for you
  • Get feedback on your readiness for AP courses

Important Documents/Links:
2019-2020 Test Dates
PSAT College Board Practice
PSAT Free Practice Test Search
Understanding PSAT Scores
ACT vs. SAT Comparison
ACT Online Sample Questions
ACT Test Prep Packet (English)
ACT Test Prep Packet (Spanish)
ACT Writing Prep
ACT Free Practice Test Search
College Board SAT Practice
SAT Free Practice Test Search
Maricopa Community Colleges Placement Test Prep
Test Prep Tutor List
SCC MEID and ID Retrieval Information

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Student Grade Access
Student's grades are accessed thru a online system, called  StudentVue. There is a link to  StudentVue on the DMHS homepage.  For detailed instructions, see the" DMHS Grades" document below. Student login information is as follows:
User Name: Student ID Number
Password: Student 8-Digit Birthdate (mmddyyyy)

District Policy on Dropping Classes
Important changes have been made to the district policies on dropping classes! Please review this important information and the changes to the district policy and how it impacts student’s transcripts.
Classes that are dropped during the first four weeks of the first quarter (or third quarter for second semester classes) will not be shown on student's high school transcript. Classes dropped during the remainder of the first quarter (or third quarter for second semester classes) will have a WP (Withdraw Passing) or WF (Withdraw Failing) on their transcript, depending on the student’s current grade. If a student drops a class any time in the second quarter (or fourth quarter for second semester classes), they will receive an “F” on their transcript, no matter what their current grade is in that class. Students will remain in the class they dropped on an audit basis for the remainder of the semester.

State Civics Test
The state of Arizona has implemented a high school graduation requirement in which students will be required to pass a state civics exam. This exam will be given when students are taking a social studies class at DMHS. Follow this link for online practice tests.

Dual Enrollment
The Dual Enrollment Program was designed to provide an opportunity for qualified high school students to enroll in college courses at high school locations, and to earn high school and college credits simultaneously. Scottsdale Community College has established agreements with local high schools to offer selected courses to students who have been identified as candidates for college-level work. Dual Enrollment courses may be offered in a variety of courses but offerings vary from year to year depending on SUSD staff qualifications and SCC certification requirements.

Online Learning (eLearning)
All online academic credits (Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, World Language) must be taken through SUSD eLearning for academic credit to be given automatically. Online courses from non-SUSD accredited high schools are accepted by SUSD as elective credit only, unless a request is made for consideration as academic credit. For the complete policy, please click here.

The elearning login link is To login:
Login: Student ID Number
Password: Student 8-Digit Birthdate (mmddyyyy)
For more information about using the eLearning program, click on the "Student Guide to GradPoint (eLearning)" below.

Important Documents/Links:
Student/Parent Question & Concern Procedure
2019-2020 High School Planning Guide (English)
2019-2020 High School Planning Guide (Spanish)
Graduation/In-State University Credit Check Worksheet
GPA Calculation Worksheet
Four Year Sample Plans
College Readiness Timeline (Freshman to Senior Year)
Instructions for Accessing StudentVue & Gapps E-mail Account
Instructions for Accessing Student Grades
Student Grade Check Form
General Academic Intervention Information
Adult/Tutoring Organization List
Crash Course Study Skills Videos
eLearning Class List
Student Guide to GradPoint (eLearning)
Dual Enrollment Course List
NCAA Eligibility Center
NCAA Eligibility Quick Facts
NCAA Coursework Eligibility Worksheet
Cox Connect2Compete (Low Cost Internet for Qualified Families)

Click here to Expand - Naviance/ECAPS

What is Naviance?
Naviance is an online portfolio system adopted by SUSD for students to complete their Educational Career Action Plan (ECAP). Students can enter the courses they are taking in Naviance under “Course Planner”; take a career inventory at “Career Interest Profiler”; and investigate colleges in “College Search”.  This information along with other Naviance activities will be utilized to guide course selections, college advisement and applications, as well as planning for careers/majors beyond high school.

How Do Students Access Naviance?
1. Enter the following URL into the location bar of your web browser:
2. Enter Student ID in "username" field.
3. Enter student's 8-digit birthday (i.e. 03201999) in the "password" field.
4. Click "Log In"

How Do Students Sign Up for College Visits through Naviance?
Please click here for directions on how to sign up for college visits.

Students should sign up for all college visits on Naviance and print out the confirmation the day prior to the college visit. This printout will serve as a pass to show your teacher so you can be excused from class. Students should go to the period class they will be missing prior to the college presentation and get the teacher to sign off on the printout. Teachers have the right to deny attendance to the college visit due to excessive absenteeism, tardiness, tests or critical lesson plans. After the confirmation has been signed, bring this print out to the College & Career Center to hear the presentation. The confirmation will be collected and given to attendance to excuse your absence. If you do not have a printer, please see Mrs. Loftus at least 24 hours prior to visit.  

Click here to Expand - Mental Health Resources

SUSD recently updated our Community Mental Health Resource Directory (linked below). This directory is meant to be used as a guide for locating community partners our district often collaborates with and refers our students. Please feel free to download this directory and explore the list of agencies, behavioral health hospitals and resources for locating private practitioners. Although we frequently consult or refer students to these agencies, we cannot guarantee the success of their services and they do operate independently of SUSD. For additional questions, please contact Dr. John Balles at 480-484-5094 or

District Mental Health Resource Directory
Search for Free & Low-Cost Services in Maricopa County


If your student is looking for a student tutor, please have them stop by the Guidance Office and look through out Student Tutor Book. Here they can identify a peer(s) who may be able to tutor them and take down their contact information. If your student is looking to be tutored by an adult or organization, please see our Professional Tutor List.


If you are a student who would like to tutor other students, please complete the DMHS Student Tutor Form and return it to Ms. Jones in the Guidance Office.



Several teachers have offered to open their classrooms to any new students or students looking to establish new friendships. You are welcome in the teacher’s rooms during the assigned days. Teachers do not provide lunches so be sure to bring your own lunch! Click here for the Lunch Time Wolf Pack Schedule.


2019-2020 Club List Coming Soon



Academic Counselors

The DMHS Guidance office is open from 7:30am to 2:30pm daily.

Counselors are divided by student's last names

Ms. Dayne Davis | A-Da
Ms. Megan Reddell | De-H
Mrs. Michelle Okun | I-Mi
Ms. Veva Pacheco | Mo-SC

Ms. Marie Cooper | Se-Z
Mrs. Amy Hashimoto | Registrar
Ms. Patty Jones | Admin. Assistant



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