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DMHS Clubs for 17.18

There is something for everyone! Be sure and watch the announcements for meeting times.

DMHS Clubs for 17.18



Club President

Meeting Schedule

Mission Statement


Ms. Okun

Kasey Molden


To aid the transitions made when becoming a new student of DMHS, as well as doing various community-outreach projects

American Red Cross

Mr. Rio

Michael Dankworth

Twice a month @ lunch in 3222

To help the American Red Cross fulfill its humanitarian mission and to make the community and school a better place

Art Club

Mrs. Katherine Anderson

Shannon Blaire


To create and stimulate enthusiasm and interest for the love of any form of art, both within the club and outside of it

Art of Aerodynamics

Mr. Strohmeyer

Megan Yarnall, Sarah Glomski

Weekly @ lunch in 7123

To encourage students to discover the bridge between science and art by constructing unorthodox objects of flight in a fun and creative environment

Audrey’s Angels

Ms. Flitton

Morgan Summer, Julie Marchant

Monthly (Fridays) @ lunch/after school in 5211

To positively impact the lives of women and children in need through various donation drives, volunteer opportunities, and lasting friendships

Bark Club

Ms. Preciado

Casey Lee

Twice a month @ lunch in 1216

To help animals through donation (money, food, beds, etc.) and dog-specific volunteer programs

Ben’s Bells

Ms. Anderson

Shaalin Sehra

Twice a month @ lunch in 4101

To spread and encourage kindness throughout the community

Bike Club

Mr. Bogardus

Hannah Bernier

Monthly (Wednesdays) @ lunch in 7202

To provide a place for students interested in cycling to talk about bike-related issues, including bike safety, trail etiquette, nutrition, and bike maintenance

Bowling Club

Ms. Gardner

Adam Kasper

Monthly @ lunch in 1204

To share the wonders of bowling with all students and to make new friends

Boys Lacrosse

Mr. Bogardus

Dawson Bienz


To represent the school for the sport of lacrosse and to spread awareness for the sport

Chess Club

Mr. Chris Johnson

John Hopkins


To provide students of DMHS with a place to play and learn chess

Choir Council

Ms. Moore

Sara Simkins


To make decisions for the choir, plan events, and help Ms. Moore with any planning in regards to DMHS Choir

Climbing Club

Mr. Riegsecker

Andrew Frisch

Twice a month @ lunch

To inform students about climbing safety and discuss climbing as a sport

Comida Club

Ms. Onofry

Collin Eckhauser, Lei’a Brookhouser

Monthly (first Wednesday) @ lunch in 7204

To educate people about safe food practices, to donate food to those in need, and to eat all types of food!

Dance Council

Ms. Noriega

Anna Vitale

Twice a month @ lunch in 4010

To make the dance program and dance shows the best experience for DMHS dancers and the community


Mr. Nilsson

Sean Innes


To prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to be college- and career-ready

Doctor Talk

Dr. Kuperschmidt

Nafis Eghrari


To provide aspiring doctors with resources to help them pursue a career in medicine in a field that interests them

Embroidery Club

Mrs. Anderson

Taralyn Peck, Mika Lambert

Twice a month @ lunch in 4101

To make new friends and teach others about embroidery; to sell our embroidery pieces at art fairs and donate the proceeds to a charity that the club will vote on


Ms. Onofry

Lena Soble

Twice a month @ lunch in 7204

To abolish systematic oppression and bring support to minority groups through outreach and education


Mrs. Paul

Sarah Chasen

Monthly @ lunch in 4113

To provide leadership opportunities for students who are currently enrolled or have previously been enrolled in one or more FACS or CTE courses

Fashion Club

Mrs. Wilkins

Taylor Smith, Eden Glos


To enjoy fashion and create a fun environment where they can learn about design and merchandising

Filmmakers Club

Mr. Neal Johnson

Mateo Siegel

Monthly after school in 1147

To give others attending DMHS an opportunity to learn about and be a part of film, however they choose to do so

Food & Fellowship

Mr. Richard

Duncan L. McLeod


To provide a gathering place for students to ask faith-related questions, hear bible teaching, and enjoy supportive friendships

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Mr. Pulli

Dane Harding


To develop competent business leaders, strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work, and to create more interest in American business enterprise

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Mr. Rio

Kara Sherman, Casey Herger


To provide a safe space for LGBT+ students and allies of the LGBT+ community, as well as to educate ourselves and fellow students while promoting acceptance and diversity

Girl Up

Mrs. Edmonds

Caitlyn & Nicole Ursprunger

Twice a month @ lunch in 7207

To ensure that all girls across the globe have equal rights and equal access to proper education

Girls Lacrosse

Dr. Kuperschmidt

Alexandra Guatney


To give girls the opportunity to compete in high school club lacrosse and learn stick skills and teamwork while competing

Helping Hands

Mr. Pulli

Saam Zadeh


To create food and toy drives for families in need

Ink Blot

Mr. Sheh

Jaime Dana


To create a space for students to share writing and creativity and to improve their writing


Mr. Sheh

Jenny Wong


To provide a community for and to represent IB students in the school

International Club

Mme. Rader

Molly Opheim


To help students become more internationally and culturally aware

Junior Class Club

Ms. North


Brooklyn Dean


To plan the 2017-’18 Prom while adhering to the budget

Junior Statesmen of America

Mr. Huddleston

Michelle Reingold

Tuesdays @ lunch in 7217

To strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society

Key Club

Ms. Schnorr

Ryan Kuechler



Kids to Kids

Ms. Kalkstein

Maycee Schenck, Carly Gordon

Monthly @ lunch in 3217

To give back to children in hospitals who are struggling with illness

Let’s Talk Tofu

Mr. Bogardus

Dexter Dulak

Monthly @ lunch in 7202

To educate others about the vegetarian lifestyle and its benefits and to open students up to the idea of a more plant-based diet

Math Olympiad

Mrs. Sherry

Tyler Yurek


To foster and maintain an interest in math

Mathematical Talent Development Committee

Ms. Murray

Meera Shah


To promote competition-style math among middle school students through competitions and tutoring

Mental Health Awareness

Ms. Phelps

Jordan Luckey

Twice a month @ lunch in 5121

To spread awareness and sensitivity towards mental illnesses and create fundraisers and posters to share this information throughout the community

MIT Launch

Mr. Nilsson

Anand Balan


To teach budding entrepreneurs the basics about startups

Model United Nations

Mr. Ricks

Austin Rodriguez


To simulate UN conferences and foster better understanding of current events and international relations

National Honor Society (NHS)

Mr. Knox

Jessica Delli Carpini


To create enthusiasm for the school, stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in students

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos

Ms. Maribelle Salazar

Jenna Wright, Morgan Summer


To help and provide support for orphanages in Mexico and Latin American countries

On the Same Page

Mrs. Emond

Amanda Carlson, Addy Mower

Twice a month @ 2:30 in 7104

To help children in need by providing them with backpacks, pencils, and other school supplies in order to ensure these children have the tools needed for success

Pay It Forward

Mr. Pulli

Brooklyn Dean

Twice a month @ lunch in 1119

To spread kindness and positively impact the DMHS community using national “Pay It Forward” guidelines

Peer Leadership

Ms. Richards

Tala Araghi


To give students the opportunity to interact with DM’s special education students and to build a sense of community

Physics Club

Mr. Vining

Jenny Wong


To organize Physics Day and to establish physics tutors


Ms. Owens

Sammi Piccolo, Jaymie Wells



Science Bowl

Dr. Wells

Sejal Shanbhag, Lauren Householder

Monthly @ 2:30 in 7124

To provide an outlet for scientifically curious students to venture their way into recognition at the Science Bowl competition

Science National Honors Society

Dr. Wells

Kevin Liang


To unite high-achieving science lovers and recognize them for their excellence in the sciences

Science Olympiad

Mr. Strohmeyer

Jenny Wong


To inspire a love and passion of science at DM and compete in the annual Arizona State Science Olympiad Tournament

Senior Class Club (Class of 2018)

Mr. Wimmer

Trevor Short


To represent the Senior Class, plan the Senior Breakfast, and assist with graduation

Servicing Scottsdale

Mr. Knox

Holly Hunton

Monthly @ lunch in 5209

To provide supplies (food, clothing, etc.) to the less fortunate

Ski & Snowboard Club

Mr. Chris Johnson

Davis Prescott


To bring students together that share an interest in skiing & snowboarding, create interest for those not exposed, and sponsor an equipment drive

Spanish National Honors Society

Sra. Andarcia

Brooke Koritala


To recognize high achievement in Spanish and Portuguese by students of secondary schools

Spikeball Club

Mr. Pulli

Dane Harding

Monthly @ lunch in 1119

To have fun and enjoy the sport of Spikeball


Mr. Jones

Winston Burns


To promote and encourage scientific thinking and investigation through projects, lectures, discussions, and educational videos about STEM subjects

Stress Club

Mr. Pulli

Farrah Cogan

Monthly @ lunch in 1119

To help students learn how to handle and cope with stress in positive and fun ways

Students Against Destructive Decisions

Ms. Percifield

Kathryn Robinson

Monthly @ lunch

To empower young people to confront the risks and pressures that challenge them throughout their daily lives

Sultans of Rock

Mr. Fritts

Brittany Tews

Weekly @ 2:30 in library (Classroom 1)

To create an environment where musicians and other music lovers can come together in an atmosphere that promotes sharing of music-related ideas and techniques related to the playing of music

Teen Advisory Board

Ms. Hicks



To explore civic duty by running programs for teens and kids, advocating for the library, promoting literacy, reaching out to the community, and socializing with like-minded individuals


Mr. Griggs

Kara Sherman


To offer opportunities to learn about diversity and to do community projects to improve the school climate

Wolf’s Print

Mr. Sheh

Nell Decker


To provide an open forum of public expression for students, teachers, and the DM community at large


Ms. Murray

Shelby Lewis


To preserve memories during the school year, document school events, and allow students and family members to reflect back on the school year

Young Democrats

Ms. Murray

Hannah Bernier, Kara Sherman


To allow students to discuss current issues and find possible solutions by exposing students to political activism, creating a more educated and diverse student body, and help the community by volunteering

Young Life

Mr. Nilsson

Bree Iwanicki

Weekly @ lunch in 1121