Coronado Administration

Chris Gilmore

Position |  Principal
Phone | 480-484-6810
Email |
Administrative Support Coordinator | Krista Demetrulias | 480-484-6802

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Paul Ferrero

Position |  Assistant Principal
Phone | 480-484-6830
Email |

Danielle Fuchs

Position |  Assistant Principal
Email |

Brandon Larson

Position |  Assistant Principal / Athletic Director
Email |

Coronado Teachers & Staff

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Name   Title Phone Number
Chris Gilmore   Principal 480-484-6810
Paul Ferrero   Assistant Principal Education Services 480-484-6830
Amy Fuller   District Administrator 480-484-6889
Danielle Fuchs   Assistant Principal for Student Activities / Testing Coordinator 480-484-6806
Brandon Larson   Assistant Principal for Student Services / Athletic Director 480-484-6804
Office Staff
Name   Title Phone Number
Catalina Moreno   Administrative Support Technician for Student Services & Athletics 480-484-6803
Krista Demetrulius   Administrative Support Coordinator/School Web Author 480-484-6808

Stacie Dobrichovsky

  Administrative Support Technician for Education Services & Testing 480-484-6805
Susan DeVito   Registrar 480-484-6812
John Rivera   Administrative Support Assistant for Reception and Guidance 480-484-6800
School Support Services
Name   Title Phone Number
Tony Perea   Senior Facility Coordinator 480-484-6815
Jason Baca   Senior Facility Technician - Night 480-484-6815
Cindy Allen   Bookstore Manager 480-484-6848
Kathy Mutschler   Cafeteria Manager 480-484-6824
Guidance Department
Name   Title Phone Number
Ana Huerta   Counselor - A-F 480-484-6819
Charles Shute   Counselor G-O 480-484-6818
Julie Stephan   Counselor P-Z 480-484-6817
Joyce Sawyer   Behavior Interventionist 480-484-6821
Sarah Moore   Social Worker 480-484-6800
Rebecca Rivera   School Community Specialist/Translator 480-484-6822
Libby Tallarico   Higher Education Center 480-484-6823
Health Center
Name   Title Phone Number
Brittany Cannon   Nurse 480-484-6811
Marsha Liebling   Health Assistant 480-484-6811
Instructional Support 
Name       Title/Subject Phone Number
Chandra Bewtra   Math Support   480-484-6800 x6775
Marty Long   Native American Education 480-484-6800 x6747
Mark Smith    Instructional Specialist  480-484-6800 xTBA
Business / Career and Technical Education Department
Name   Title/Subject Phone Number
Carlos Robles   Business 101, CIS 105, Software Development Teacher 484-6800 x6871
Wendy Paez   JAG Teacher 484-6800 x6751
Tessa Powell   Intro to Sports Medicine Teacher 484-6800 x6719
College & Career Enhancement
Name   Title/Subject Phone Number
Wendy Paez   12th Grade CCE Teacher 484-6800 x6751
Michael Vezzosi   9th Grade CCE Teacher 484-6800 xTBA
Jake Winfield   9th Grade CCE Teacher 484-6800 xTBA
English Department
Name   Title/Subject Phone Number
Misty Baker   English Teacher 484-6800 x6762
Emma Burch   English Teacher 484-6800 x6708, 6832
Deborah Danson   English Teacher 484-6800 x6756
Jordan Johnson   English Teacher/STUGO 484-6800 x6757
Katie Leman   English Teacher 484-6800 x6761
Lisa Macik   Reading Teacher 484-6800 xTBA
Chelsea Parks   English Teacher 484-6800 x6758
Fran Prather   English Teacher 484-6800 x6733, 6826
Meredith Rosengrant   English Teacher 484-6800 x6760
Name   Title/Subject Phone Number
Edith Mejia   E-Learning Teacher 484-6800 x6706
English Immersion Studies
Name   Title/Subject Phone Number
Gary Garcia   EIS Resource Teacher 484-6800 x6740
Library Media Center / 21st Century Community Learning Center (DEAL)
Name   Title Phone Number
Fran Prather   Teacher Librarian, English Teacher, DEAL/21st Century Community Learning Center Site Coordinator 480-484-6826
Math Department
Name   Subject Phone Number
Scott Dees   Math Teacher 484-6800 x6771
Andrew Gough   Math Teacher 484-6800 x6770
Mina Hakami   Math Teacher 484-6800 x6777
Janine Helton   Math Teacher 484-6800 x6772
Curt LeBlanc   Math Teacher 484-6800 x6778
John Phillips   Math Teacher 484-6800 x6780
Vaishali Shukla   Math Teacher 484-6800 x6776
Roger Stidham   Math/Credit Recovery Teacher 484-6800 x6769, 6705
Jake Winfield   Math/CCE Teacher  484-6800 xTBA
Performing Arts / Visual Arts Department
Name   Subject Phone Number
Bethany Baumer   Dance Teacher 484-6800 x6799
Bret Lee  

Marching Band & Orchestra Teacher

484-6800 x6788

Photography, Art, & Yearbook Teacher

484-6800 x6773
Caralee McGraw   Art Teacher 484-6800  x6724
Paul Townsend   Theater, Guitar, Choir Teacher 484-6800 x6787, 6861
Physical Education Department
Name   Subject Phone Number
Grace Althoff   Physical Education Teacher 484-6855
Rick Benjamin   Physical Education Teacher 484-6856
Ryan Dyer   Physical Education Teacher 484-6856
Buck Holmes   Physical Education Teacher 484-6856
Sam Urshel   Equipment Manager - Gym 484-6850
Boys Athletic Office     484-6800 x6853
Girls Athletic Office     484-6800 x6854
Science Department
Name   Subject Phone Number
Christine Bakerman   Science Teacher 484-6800 x6714
John Brubaker   Science Teacher 484-6800 x6707
Peter Cheesebrough   Science Teacher 484-6800 x6718
Austin Nichols   Science Teacher 484-6800 x6723
Julia Villela   Science Teacher 484-6800 x6716
Jennifer Whitton   Science Teacher 484-6800 x6718
Social Studies Department
Name   Subject Phone Number 
Edward Hazlett   Social Studies Teacher 484-6800 x6752
Daman Mullins   Social Studies Teacher / Credit Recovery 484-6800 x6732, 6710
Wendy Paez   Social Studies Teacher/JAG/CCE 484-6800 x6751
Valentino Popoca   Social Studies Teacher 484-6800 x6731
Justin Slover   Social Studies Teacher 484-6800 x6753
Zachary Zipser   Social Studies Teacher  484-6800 x6736
Special Education and Special Services Department
Name   Subject Phone Number
Hyrum Borrego   Speech Pathologist 484-6800 x6876
Jon Goldstein   LRC Teacher 484-6800 x6763
Michelle Halverstadt   LRC Department Chair/LRC Teacher 484-6800 x6765
TBD   LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6789
Kelly James   LRC Teacher 484-6800 x6766
Cynthia Krauss   Speech Pathologist 484-6800 x6737
Lisa Lacy   LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6796
Leslie Loughlin   LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6721
Shannan McClure   Life Skills Teacher 484-6800 x6798
Amber McClendon   LRC Teacher 484-6800 x6764
Rachel Mueller   LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6786
Karen Piniotes   Itinerant Teacher of the Hearing Impaired 484-6800 x6743
Stacey Parker   SUCCESS Teacher  484-6800 x6709
Dawnn Wojcik    LRC Teacher  484-6800 x6709
Student Government (STUGO)
Name   Subject Phone Number
Jordan Johnson   Student Government Advisor 484-6800 x6756
World Languages Department
Name   Subject Phone Number
Branson Hinthorn   Spanish/French Teacher 484-6800 x6743
Yvonne Pasek   French/Spanish Teacher 484-6800 x6743
Masami Rivera-Rios   Japanese Teacher 484-6800 x6741
Tatiana Martinez Rosinol   Spanish Teacher 484-6800 x6744
SOL/Credit Recovery
Name   Subject  
Karin McLeod   SOL Counselor 480-484-6896
Jennifer Ramsden   SOL Student Support Services 480-484-6897
John Brubaker   Science Credit Recovery Teacher 484-6800 x6707
Emma Burch   English Credit Recovery Teacher 484-6800 x6832
Daman Mullins   Social Studies Credit Recovery Teacher 484-6800 x6710
Roger Stidham   Math Credit Recovery Teacher 484-6800 x6705

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School Information

Principal: Christopher Gilmore
Assistant Principals: Paul Ferrero, Danielle Fuchs, Brandon Larson
Address: 7501 E. Virginia Avenue, Scottsdale AZ 85257
Phone: 480-484-6800
Fax: 480-484-6801
Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:30pm
School Hours: 7:45am - 2:20pm 
Grades: 9th - 12th Grade
Colors: Scarlet Red and Navy Blue
Mascot: Coronado Don
Year Opened: 1961

Visitors to Our School
Parents who are scheduled to volunteer on campus are required to sign in at the front office, provide ID, and wear a visitor sticker any time they are on campus. Other adult visitors must make arrangements with the front office to visit our campus. Student visitors are not permitted.

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