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Are you prepared for the ACT?

Below are some free resources below to help your students prepare for the ACT:

Are you prepared for the ACT?

Study Guide – Preparing for the ACT and Preparing for the ACT Spanish

  • ACT Question of the Day – Create a free account on ACT Profile to access the Question of the Day

  • Online Practice Tests by Subject – This will link to the English practice test. Select the appropriate subject in the blue above English.

  • ACT Kaplan Online Prep Livenote: ACT Kaplan Online Prep is a for fee service, but if you scroll down toward the bottom of this page to the “Free Recorded Sessions” section, you will find four free videos (one for each subject).

  • OpenEd – create a free account. OpenEd has ACT Resources as well as a large variety of educational resources tied to standards the reach far beyond just ACT practice.

  • ACT Academy – COMING SOON! This is a new resource (just announced January 23). ACT® Academy™ is a free online learning resource designed to help students master skills to improve their ACT scores and succeed in college and career. You can read about it and sign up to be notified when it’s available.