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Yavapai Administration

Julio Martinez

Position |  Principal
Phone | 480-484-3810
Email | juliomartinez@susd.org
Administrative Support Coordinator | Aimee Morgan

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Michael May

Position |  Assistant Principal
Phone | 480-484-3809
Email |michaelmay@susd.org

Yavapai Teachers & Staff

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Name   Title 
Julio Martinez   Principal
Michael May   Assistant Principal
Kellie Thomas   Psychologist
 Office Staff
Name   Title
Aimee Morgan   Administrative Coordinator
Martha Ybarra   Administrative Assistant
Name   Title
Kristine Jaedike   Nurse
Name   Title
Wendy Cohen   PANDA Teacher
Nova Konsynski   Pre K
Pamela Anderson   Inst. Asst
Odelia Estes   Inst. Asst
Elizabeth McClees   Inst. Asst
Name   Title
Anita Drootman   Teacher
Jill Rotondo   Teacher
 1st Grade
Name   Title
Alyssa Nikolas   Teacher
Kayli Lang   Teacher
Cathy Spade    Teacher
 2nd Grade
Name   Title
Brianna Maxwell   Teacher
Mariellena Politis   Teacher
 3rd Grade
Name   Title
Victoria Acton   Teacher
Natassia Redden   Teacher
Cortney Tagliaferri   Teacher
 4th Grade
Name   Title
Tracy Popeck   Teacher
Patty Sawottke   Teacher
Cortney Tagliaferri   Teacher
 5th Grade
Name   Title
Mike Epstein   Teacher
Katherine Upham   Teacher
Name   Title
Cindy DeWitt   Manager
 Community Specialist
Name   Title
Maria Padilla   Community Specialist
 ELD Department
Name   Title
Wendee Ison   Teacher
Jeff Calderon   Instructional Support Specialist
Maria Zegarra   Instructional Assistant
Name   Title
Tina Allen   Plant Manager
Darin Schiess   Custodian
 Gifted Specialist
Name   Title
Ashley Sorice   Gifted Coach
 Media Center Specialist
Name   Title
Clara Mateo   Library Resource Assistant
Name   Title
Scott Harvey   P.E. Teacher
Allison Hogue   Strings/Band
Kay King    Art
Erin Riggers   Vocal Music Teacher
Special Education
Name   Title
Carol Ertz   LRC Teacher
Kathleen Gustine   Speech
Jennifer Rousseau   Speech
Jeanine Van Cott   O.T.
 Title 1/Literacy Coach
Name   Title
Dana Silva   Title I Instructional Specialist
Landry Brown   Interventionist
Jeffrey Barbanell   Instructional Support Specialist
Jordan Nelson   Instructional Support Specialist
Chelsea Hayden   K-3 Literacy Specialist
Noon Assistants    
Name   Title    
Jim Sienkiewicz   Noon Assistant
Kayla Sanders   Noon Assistant
Nancy Noppenberg   Noon Assistant
Jen Wolter   Noon Assistant

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School Information

Principal: Julio Martinez
Assistant Principal: Art Velarde
Address: 701 N. Miller Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Phone: 480-484-3800
Fax: 480-484-3801
Office Hours: 8:00am - 3:30pm
School Hours: 8:45am - 3:15pm 
Grades: Pre-Kindergarten  - 5th Grade
Colors: Purple and Silver
Mascot: Thunderbird
Year Opened: 1961

Visitors to Our School
Parents who are scheduled to volunteer on campus are required to sign in at the front office, provide ID, and wear a visitor sticker any time they are on campus. Other adult visitors must make arrangements with the front office to visit our campus. Student visitors are not permitted.

Important Info for PTO/PTA/APT

Site Council

ASITE Meeting Dates for 2017-2018

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2017-18 ASITE Members

2017-18 ASITE Minutes
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