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World Language - Spanish Offering

Anasazi is using the Global Language Project (GLP) curriculum to support Spanish language acquisition. Instruction provided by a bilingual HQ elementary teacher includes games, songs and chants. We strive for 80% of instruction to be delivered in the target language of Spanish.

Anasazi students, grades K-5, participate in a world language program offering with a minimum of 45 instructional minutes a week. The objective is to build skills and language acquisition.

Pre-kindergarten students also have Spanish world language exposure with a certified teacher.

This program exposes students to a new language, as well as a new culture.

Inquiries about the program: 480.484.7300


When entering the PACT room, you’ll be positive that you’re in Mrs. C’s room. This is where the PACT classes are taught. In PACT, we do amazing things. For example, balancing an egg three inches off the ground with just dry spaghetti, marshmallows, name tags, and straws. We also enjoy other activities such as building structures with straws, solving problems, puzzles or learning new games. Two of our favorite games are Set and Quiddler and you can find them here.