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Standard Response Protocol

Backed by more than 120 years of delivering the highest quality of public education for hundreds of thousands of students, the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) encompasses 112 square miles reaching into Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Tempe and Scottsdale with its 29 schools; 23,000 students; and 3,000 employees.

The District's top priorities for incident management ranging from minor, major and catastrophic are to:

  • Protect and save lives
  • Preserve the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, visitors and responders
  • Stabilize the situation to reduce further risk
  • Protect property and mitigate damages
Type 1
  • Minor
  • Localized Location
  • 1 Dimensional
  • Limited Duration
  • No/Low District Impact
  • Handled On Site
  • Minor Injuries
  • Examples: Fights, Neighborhood Incident
Type 2
  • Major
  • Spread Out Locations
  • Multi-Dimensional
  • Longer Duration
  • District Impact
  • One Agency Helps
  • Major Injuries
  • Examples: Gas Leak, Fire on Campus
Type 3
  • Catastrophic
  • Entire Campus
  • Multi-Dimensional
  • Lasting Duration
  • District & Community Impact
  • Multiple Agencies Help
  • Major Injuries, Fatalities
  • Examples: Shooting on Campus, Building Collapse
Know about a threat or a school safety risk?

Notify any SUSD employee or
Silent Witness Tip Line: 480-WITNESS (948-6377)
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District Contacts

James Dorer
Chief Security Officer
(480) 484-8640

Dr. Steven Chestnut
Executive Director of Support Services
(480) 484-5025

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