Linking Documents in Concrete

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1. Open the Page you wish to put a Document on.
2. Put page into Edit mode by clicking the Pencil in the Upper Left Corner of Page
3. Enter the Block you wish to edit by hovering over the area and left clicl - You will see "EDIT BLOCK"
NOTE: DO NOT ADD CONTENT TO HEADER BLOCKS (Anything with large text and a line to the right is a Header Block)

4. In order to make a link, you need to have something that the user will click on, Type the words you want them to click on
e.g. Middle School Athletic Schedule

5. Highlight the words you have typed and Click the Chain Link in the Edit Panel
6. Click Browse Server
8. Find your School and Click the Name of it (This may be a new step for some, all schools have their own folder now and should be using it)
9. Click Upload Files
10. Double Click in the Box that Pops Up, find your file and press Open
11. Wait until the Bar turns Green and Press Close
12. Your file will show up in the list, Left Click it
13. Press Ok and your Link will be created.  Do not forget to presss Save and Publish your page.