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The Scottsdale Unified School District and school community believe integrating technology into the educational program will enable staff and students to be academically successful, technologically literate, motivated, and engaged in the learning process. We believe all members of our educational community must be proficient and creative information users who have the ability to access, process, and effectively communicate information in order to improve their learning and working environments.


The Scottsdale Unified School District and school community provide a dynamic, technology-rich environment empowering all students and staff to become passionate life-long learners and productive participants in our society.


The Scottsdale Unified School District's technology environment includes a high speed networked system extending from all classrooms and provides internet access for students and staff to explore the world. The PC and Macintosh computers in classrooms, labs, offices, and libraries provide a technology-rich environment for all users.

Our changing society and workplace demand citizens who can take responsibility for their own learning and well-being. Educational opportunities that can develop these "leaders of tomorrow" are dependent on the successful integration and delivery of technology to support the new educational goals of the 21st century.

Technology provides educators the unique ability to track student work and creates the opportunity to develop and refine individual learning profiles for all students.

Scottsdale Unified School District recognizes the necessity to provide our students with the technological skills necessary to be productive members of society and achieve world-class results. Students need to be able to define tasks, access information, manipulate data, synthesize concepts, evaluate results and creatively express ideas to others. Technology use in an educational environment promotes cooperative learning, which in turn improves student problem solving, critical thinking skills, communication and cognitive growth.

The District has used 1997 bond monies to equip classrooms with computers, printers, TV monitors for large-group display and LCD projectors in school labs. The District has set a standard of two or more Internet-capable labs in elementary schools, three or more Internet-capable labs in middle schools, and four or more Internet-capable labs in high schools. All school libraries are equipped with a minimum of 15 Internet-capable computers. All school sites have been cabled to adequately provide CAT-5 connections to each computer at 100 mbps. The District is currently upgrading the network to maintain a 12-45 mbps bandwidth at each school site.


Debi Spaulding
Chief Systems Officer

Supervisor of Network/Voice Operations

Tony Hawari
Director of Data and Programming 
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