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Volunteer & Chaperones

Scottsdale Unified School District truly appreciates the volunteers that serve their schools and communities. Volunteering is rewarding for everyone whether they participate in the school office, classroom, playground, or on field trips. Volunteers enrich the educational experience for all SUSD students. 

To ensure the safety of all students, volunteers must complete a background check, and non-parent volunteers must complete fingerprinting as well. The process is outlined below. We thank you for your support of students in your community!

Volunteering Process

Step 2 Contact the School to Review and Approve
Step 4 Wait Until Your Background Check Clears
Step 5 Volunteer or Chaperone At School

Typically, the background check takes up to 10 days to clear. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Why do I need to have a background check if I am a parent of the District?

Scottsdale Unified School District is responsible for the security and safety of the students. A background check is required for all volunteers that will have access to student records maintained by the District or an employee/agent of the District, have direct contact with students without continuous supervision by a certified staff employee, or are a chaperone on an overnight field trip.

 When is fingerprinting and a background check required?

Many of our volunteers do not have a child attending an SUSD school; however, they chose to volunteer to support the community. All non-parent volunteers that will have direct contact with students without continuous supervision by a certified staff employee will require both a fingerprint and background check.

 Do I need to be fingerprinted if I am a parent volunteer?

No, parents do not need to be fingerprinted.

 How long does it take for a background check to clear?

It typically takes 3 to 10 working days for a background check to clear.

 What is the cost of the background check?

The volunteer is required to pay the $45.00 fee for the background check. The District/school will pay the fee for a Chaperone if the chaperone is necessary in order to comply with District chaperone-to-student ratios.

 Are sports volunteers required to be background checked?

Non-parents are required to complete a background check. However, parents and non-parents volunteering with sports must remain in sight of certified staff at all times.

Volunteer & Chaperone Video

This video is required viewing for chaperones attending overnight and out-of-state field trips, as well as select types of school volunteers.

After watching the video, please complete the form below, which will notify the Volunteer and Chaperone office that you have watched it.



Robin Madison
Human Resources Specialist
(480) 484-6178

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  • Criminal Affidavit Form
    The Criminal Affidavit Form is required prior to background check. Please attach to the volunteer application in documents section. This form must also be notarized.
  • Solicitud De Los  Padres O Miembros De La Comunidad Que Desean Participar Como Voluntarios O Chaperones 

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