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Karly Meza
Substitute Coordinator
Email |  Fax: 480-484-6287

19 - 20 Substitute Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 When may I apply for Substitute Teaching in Scottsdale?

The position of Substitute Teacher will be posted on the District's Job Postings webpage, only as the need arises.  Selected applicants will be contacted for screening.

 What are the requirements for substitute teaching?

Applicants must possess the following prior to applying for Substitute Teaching in Scottsdale:

  • A Valid Arizona Teaching Certificate or Substitute Teaching Certificate. Nurses must possess a valid Arizona Nursing License
  • A Valid IVP Fingerprint Card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • Three letters of recommendation written within the last three years
  • Applicant must be able to supply three verifiable references

 How do I get a certificate?

For information regarding Arizona teaching certification or a Substitute Certificate, call (602) 542-5393 or follow this link: Department of Education/Certification website.

You must possess a valid IVP fingerprint clearance card and original transcripts for a four-year college degree.

 How do I get a fingerprint clearance card?

For information regarding an Arizona fingerprint clearance card, call (602) 223-2279 or follow this link: Arizona DPS website.

 Does the SUSD offer emergency certificates for Substitutes?

No. You must complete the entire process.

 Am I still Active?

If you can log in to AESOPyou are active. The system will not let you log in if you have been deactivated. For questions regarding your status, please contact the Substitute Coordinator.