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Kids Club Overview

SUSD Kids ClubKids Club is a licensed before-and-after school program administered by Scottsdale Unified School District’s participating schools. Early bird drop-off begins at 6:30 a.m. and after school operates from school dismissal until 6:30 p.m. Students are greeted each day by qualified childcare specialists who facilitate activities that may include: arts and crafts, active group games, sports, team-building exercises, science, technology and supervised homework time. Snacks are served every day.

ATTENTION, KINDERGARTEN PARENTS:  Kids Club will be open for all students at the normal dismissal time the first 3 days of school.  We will not be open early for Kindergarten Early Release on August 5, 6 or 7.

Kids Club Statement of Services

For sibling and employee discounts, please read the FAQs first

Rate Information

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Download 2019-2020 School Year Kids Club rate information flier here

How to Register

  1. Review the requirements and have the necessary documentation ready. 
  2. Sign into SUSD's Touchbase website.
    - Enter your child’s Student ID as the User Name and the password will be your last name (first letter capitalized).
    - If you do not know your child’s ID number, please contact your school. You must use your child’s ID to pull the proper classes.
  3. When signed in, click on your student's name.
  4. Click the button titled, "Items at Student's School - Registration Payments." 
  5. In the Categories section, click on "Kids Club (Before/Aftercare)"
  6. Click on Registration Fee (only need to do this once annually).
  7. Click the "Buy" button.
  8. Click the Checkout link at the top. It should indicate "1" in the shopping cart. 
  9. Click on the button titled, "Checkout Step 1: Additional Info."
  10. Important: Parents must complete the DHS Emergency Card and provide it to the Kids Club department annually. Email the completed DHS card to
  11. When you have sent the email with the attached DHS card, check the box accordingly below the link for the DHS card. 
  12. Click the "Checkout Step 2: Payment" to complete your purchase of the registration fee. This must be completed before registering for before or after school activities.
  13. Go back to Touchbase, click on your child's name, and click on  Kids Club (Afterschool) or Early Bird (before school). 
  14. Add the specific days that you want your child to attend Kids Club. You can add multiple days to your cart before purchasing. 
  15. Complete the purchase of the days you requested by clicking the Checkout link at the top. 

Important Information

  • All children must have an updated DHS card submitted on file every year. 
  • Beginning August 7, 2018, Block Payments are no longer available. Parents will need to register their child every day they wish to attend Kids Club. 


  • Parent is responsible to notify Kids Club Specialist if their child is unable to attend after-school care on a day they have been enrolled. Failure to notify Kids Club staff may result in a $5.00 Locator Fee being assessed each time we have to call you. 
  • School attendance is not shared with Kids Club staff, even if your kid was excused from school, you must also notify Kids Club staff at your location. 

Billing Policy / Refunds

  • Registration fees are nonrefundable and only due once per year.
  • No proration or credits if a child misses a day.
  • No change of days once a student is registered.
  • Watch cut-off dates to avoid price increases.
  • Late Pickup Fee: A $3.00 per minute fee will be assessed per child who is picked up late.

Rate Information & Schedule
Kids Club Contacts
How to Register & Important Info
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
District Calendar


Jay Molberger
Child Care Coordinator

Sue Emery
Kids Club Supervisor

Elizabeth (Anne) Ottosen
Kids Club Supervisor

Kids Club Location Contacts
School Site Phone Number Kids Club Specialist
Anasazi 480-797-6979 Jonathan Herrera
Cherokee 480-294-1390 Alison Resse
Cheyenne 480-748-6642 Taeylor Vaughn
Cochise 480-797-6923 Elizabeth Soriano
Copper Ridge 480-748-6916 Kimberly Halloran
Desert Canyon 480-748-6914 Caroline Craig
Hopi 480-748-6915 Susan Hasse
Kiva 480-748-6630 Shauna Eimerman
Laguna 480-484-7721 Clara Chavez Cresto
Pima 480-797-7077 Bryan Asaba
Pueblo 480-735-1801 Abigail Stobo
Redfield 480-797-6416 Open
Tavan 480-797-6337 Joan Salinas

Request Forms


District Map

View and download the Scottsdale Unified School District Map, which includes addresses for school locations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have answered many questions asked by parents and guardians about our before-and-after school care. Click on the questions below to view the answers.
If you still have further questions, please email or contact a member of our team directly at the top of this page. 

 How do I register?

We recommend you review the registration steps above. You can make your payments and reservations all from SUSD's Touchbase.

If you do not have access to a computer, you can visit the SUSD Mohave District Annex (MDA) at 8500 E. Jackrabbit Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 during normal office hours to register and make a payment.

 Can I send in a paper registration?

No, all Kids Club registrations must be completed online through Touchbase

 Who do I contact if my child will be absent from Kids Club?

Please contact the Kids Club Specialist assigned to your Kids Club location. Their contact information is listed on this page under Contacts.

 What is the age limits to attend Kids Club?

Kids Club program and offerings vary by location. For age limits, please call 480-484-7900.

 Who do I notify if my child is in an Enrichment Program and Kids Club?

Contact the Kids Club Specialist assigned to your Kids Club location prior to the Enrichment Program start date. View their contact information under the Contacts section on this page.

 Who takes my child back to Kids Club after the Enrichment Program?

The Enrichment Program instructor will walk each student back to Kids Club.

 Does my child receive a snack during the afternoon program?

Yes, there is a snack menu available on the SUSD Nutrition Services website.

 What is the DHS Emergency Card?

The Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) requires parents to provide emergency information and immunization records to Kids Club so children can attend. This information is used so we can properly administer emergency care and notify the individuals listed on the emergency card.

If the information becomes outdated, please submit another DHS Emergency Card to Kids Club by emailing a completed form to

Here is the download link to the DHS Emergency Card.

 Where do I fill out the DHS Emergency Card?

Download the DHS Emergency Card here, complete it on your computer (Adobe Acrobat or another PDF editor will be necessary) or print and fill it out by hand. You can scan a copy of it and email it to Kids Club staff:

It is necessary for Kids Club to receive your child's DHS Emergency Card every year they attend Kids Club even if the information remains the same.

 If I paid the registration fee last year, do I have to pay it again?

Yes, you have to pay the registration fee annually for every school year. If you have paid the registration fee for 2018-2019, you will be expected to pay the registration fee for 2019-2020 if your child attends Kids Club.

 Is the registration fee refundable?

No, the registration fee is not refundable.

 Do I need to pay a registration fee for Kids Club and Pre-K?

Yes, the annual registration fee is per program.

 Is there a sibling discount available?

A 10% discount is available for siblings. First, please pay the registration fee for Kids Club at

Send an email to with the subject line "Sibling Discount"

In the email body, please include: Child’s Name, ID, School

Wait for notification that the discount has been activated in your account before registering for individual days. Updates are usually completed in five business days.

 Is there an employee discount available?

A 30% discount is available for full-time SUSD employees. First, please pay the registration fee for Kids Club at

Then send an email to with the subject line: Employee Discount

In the email, please include: Your name, position, Employee ID #, Child’s Name, ID, School

Wait for notification that the discount has been activated in your account before registering for individual days. Updates are usually completed in five business days.