School Closure Information Page

Updates Regarding School Closures

Thursday May 3, 2:40 PM
***No Changes to Student Calendar***
We are pleased to inform all students, parents and guardians that the SUSD school calendar WILL NOT change as a result of school closures. After careful evaluation and legal consultation, we have determined SUSD will not need to add days for any school at any grade level.
Please read this important message from the Acting Superintendent:

Thursday, May 3, 7:00 am

All SUSD schools WILL BE OPEN tomorrow, May 4.

Students should report to school at the regular time. All normal District operations will resume.

The District is reviewing options for making up the instructional time lost during the teacher walkout, and we will alert you as soon as possible to any potential calendar changes.

Todas las escuelas del SUSD ESTARÁN ABIERTAS mañana,  4 de mayo.

Los estudiantes deberán reportarse a la escuela a la hora regular. Todas las operaciones normales del Distrito se reanudarán.  El Distrito está revisando las opciones para reponer el tiempo de instrucción perdido durante la huelga docente, y les avisaremos tan pronto como sea posible sobre cualquier cambio que haya en el calendario.

Wednesday, May 2, 3:00 pm

A limited number of SUSD schools will be open tomorrow, Thursday, May 3.
The following schools have enough staff returning tomorrow to open safely:
Ingleside Middle School
Pima Elementary School

Students at these schools should report to school at the regular time.
Bus transportation will be running for those two schools.
If your child’s school is not on this list, it will remain closed tomorrow. We will continue to update you daily on school closures. Please monitor your emails and text messages, as well as this page.

Meal service will continue at the 6 sites servicing free meals until those schools are open. See the flyer on this page for meal times and locations.

Parent Letter | ENG
Parent Letter | SPA
Staff Letter

Wednesday, May 2, 8:40 am

SUSD is working to determine whether our schools can reopen for students and staff tomorrow, Thursday, May 3. Teachers demonstrating at the Capitol have announced their intention to return to work tomorrow, pending legislative action. This morning, we are working with our own SUSD teachers to confirm enough will return tomorrow to safely open schools. Please continue to monitor this page throughout the day. Once we determine whether schools will be open or closed tomorrow, we will notify parents and staff immediately.

El SUSD está ocupándose de determinar si mañana, jueves 3 de mayo, se pueden abrir nuestras escuelas para los estudiantes y el personal. Los maestros que han estado manifestándose ante el Capitolio han anunciado su intención de regresar a trabajar mañana, en espera de una acción legislativa. Esta mañana, hemos estado en comunicación con nuestros propios maestros del SUSD para confirmar si habrá suficientes de ellos que vengan a trabajar mañana para reabrir las escuelas de manera segura. Por favor sigan revisando, durante el día de hoy, sus mensajes de texto y emails, además de la página web Una vez que hayamos determinado, si mañana se abrirán o permanecerán cerradas las escuelas, les avisaremos a los padres y al personal de inmediato.

Tuesday, May 1, 8:45 am

All SUSD schools will remain closed tomorrow, May 2, due to continuing staff shortages. Schools will reopen as soon as we have enough staff to ensure a safe and effective learning environment. Please check back frequently for updates.

Todas las escuelas del SUSD permanecerán cerradas mañana, 2 de mayo debido a que todavía no contamos con suficiente personal. Las escuelas volverán a abrirse tan pronto como tengamos suficiente personal para garantizar un ámbito escolar seguro y eficaz.  Por favor revisen frecuentemente para ver las actualizaciones.

Monday, April 30, 2:15 pm
SUSD schools will remain closed until we are certain we have enough staff to provide a safe and effective learning environment. We will be making that decision daily, based on the number of teachers reporting absences.
SUSD will make every effort to provide 24-hour notice of schools reopening. Please continue to monitor this page, as well as and our official social media channels for daily updates on school status.
Daily meal service will continue at select schools. For locations and times, see the flyer on this page.

April 29, 4:40 pm

All SUSD schools will now REMAIN CLOSED on Tuesday, May 1.

Due to the high number of teachers reporting absences and the shortage of substitutes to cover those absences, SUSD will not have enough staff to open any of our schools Tuesday. Further information will be coming Monday. Please continue to monitor for accurate information.

April 27, 2:40 pm
Update, April 29, 2018 – SUSD schools will be able to open as planned and will remain closed on Tuesday, May 1.

All SUSD schools will reopen Tuesday, May 1 for normal operations. Please view the attached communications for parents and staff for additional details.

School Reopening - Parents | PDF | ENG
School Reopening - Parents | PDF | SPA
School Reopening - Staff | PDF

April 25, 2:15 pm
REMINDER: School closures begin tomorrow.
There have been several questions about how long those closures could last. To clarify, all SUSD schools will be closed Thursday, April 26 and Friday, April 27. District leadership will monitor the situation daily to determine whether schools can safely reopen on Monday. That decision will be announced by 5:00 p.m. Friday. Please continue to monitor this page for very latest information.

April 23, 3:45 pm
After careful consideration of the impact of teacher walkouts on our students and schools, SUSD has made the difficult decision to close all campuses starting Thursday, April 26 and for the duration of the walkout. The District has worked closely with our schools and determined we will not have enough staff to guarantee the safe supervision of all students. We are working on Frequently Asked Questions documents for both staff and families and will post that information here.


  • April 23, 2018 - 8:50 AM

    SUSD is working on a plan to provide meals to students in the event of school closures due to teacher walkouts. More detailed information to come.

    April 20, 2018 - 4:00 PM

    As you are likely aware, teachers across the state of Arizona have voted to hold school walkouts beginning Thursday, April 26, as part of an ongoing movement to increase teacher salaries and raise awareness about public education funding. 
    Scottsdale Unified School District does not want to see schools closed by a work stoppage. However, we may be forced to close individual schools due to staff shortages. District leadership has been meeting to determine plans for walkout days. The number one consideration in these discussions is the safety and welfare of our students. 
    SUSD will keep parents updated via phone calls, text message and email. Please make sure your contact information is up to date, and frequently check for communications from SUSD.
    All efforts will be made to notify parents as to the status of their school(s) by Noon on Tuesday, April 24. We sincerely hope our schools remain open, but out of an abundance of caution, we want to share with you the following possible plan of action:


    Students, Families & Community Impact:

    • Students and families would not have access to the buildings.
    • School closures would include all services at that school, including before- and after-school programming, clubs, activities and any community use of the school facilities. There are limited exceptions. Please speak with your principal.
    • Meals would not be served.
    • There would be no bus service to closed campuses.
    • Transportation would still be provided to students enrolled in off-campus special programs, such as EVIT and ACES. 
    • The District’s intent is for High School Athletics to continue as scheduled, including bus transportation, but other district‐run extracurricular programming may be suspended. (No Middle School sports)
    • If there is adequate supervision from parents and other chaperones, proms would be held as planned.
    • Graduation would be held as scheduled. Diplomas would be issued when all requirements, such as course completion and attendance, are met.
    • All field trips would be handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact your principal for more information.

    Staffing & District Calendar:

    • If make-up days are required by the state, they would be added to the end of the current student calendar. All employees would be expected to work on those subsequent days.
    • District leave policies will still be in effect. More detailed communication for staff is forthcoming.
    • Non-12-month Classified employees assigned to schools would not work. According to state law, hourly employees who are not working for any reason cannot be compensated. When days are made up at the end of the year, classified staff would work and would be paid.
    • Staff will not have access to buildings, with the exception of administrators and pre-approved staff.

    This planning is fluid. SUSD will provide daily communication with updated information. Please rely only on official District information channels, including direct emails, phone calls, text messages, website:, facebook: /ScottsdaleUSD, twitter: @ScottsdaleUSD. 

    Again, we urge you to make sure your contact information is up to date with your school. Thank you for your patience as we work to best serve the needs of our SUSD students.