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What is National Board Certification?
"National Board Certification is a voluntary assessment program designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers, and to embed ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. While state teacher credentialing programs set the basic requirements to teach in each state, National Board Certified Teachers must demonstrate advanced teaching knowledge, skills and practices. Completion of National Board Certification signifies that teachers have developed and demonstrated the skills required of an accomplished education professional."  To find out more about National Board Certification you can link to their official site:  http://boardcertifiedteachers.org/

What support does SUSD provide for National Board Certification?
Scottsdale Unified School District is 3rd in the state for the number of Board Certified teachers, and we'd love to be number one.  Many supports are provided for those interested in completing their certification.  In cooperation with the Arizona K12 Center and the Scottsdale Foundation, candidates from SUSD are able to receive funding to participate in this prestigious program.  Once certified candidates receive a monetary stipend each year for the life of their certification while they're employed with SUSD. For more information, please contact Tammy Andreas, NBCT at (480) 484-1100 ext 41134.

 For information about a Pre-Candidacy Course visit http://www.azk12.org.
 *Assisted financially by the Scottsdale Unified School District Foundation

Anasazi Elementary Anazasi.png

Patricia Vassaux *

Cherokee Elementary Cherokee Horsehead Logo.png

Donna Sheber *
Judith Droz *
Laurie Jones-Ritt
Brenda Nelson
Jill Schadt *

Cocopah MS Cocopah Horseshoe.png

Tristin Miller *
Mary Pasco
Cher Stegall *

Desert Canyon ES DCES_Logo_2016.png

Katheryn Honeycutt
Nancy Laak *
Curtis Robinson *

Hohokam Elementary hohokamLOGOPIC.png

Jessica Valencia *

Kiva Elementary Kiva Elementary Cougar Logo_2017.png

Karen Brisbane *
Sheila Fullerton *
Jacquelyn Oates *

Navajo Elementary Navajo STEAM Black.png

Pat Collofello
Cristi Youngkin

Saguaro HS S-LogoCMYK.png

Ashley Crose *
Tammy Dias *
Amy Johnson *

Yavapai Elementary yavapai.png

Ashley Sorice *
Kim Keck *
Brianna Maxwell
Marsha Vanderwerff

Arcadia High School Arcadia A.png

Kimberly Mayorga *
Stacey Shcolnik *

Cheyenne Traditional Cheyenne roadrunner.png

Andrea Dersch *

Copper Ridge K-8 CopperRidgeBROWN_Logo.png

Patti Hanlon *
Nanette Hubbell
Marina Rodriguez
Kimberly Vallejo

Desert Canyon MS dcms logo.png

Kelly O'Rourke

Hopi Elementary Hopi Logo 2013.png

Susie Baldwin
Diana Bode *
Allison Bosworth *
Emily Cochran *
Jennifer Fox *

Nicole Packer *
Deborah Voris

Laguna Elementary laguna_logo.png

Jennifer Bethke *
Abbey Bobbett *
Linda Graham
Debra Hawkins *
Carrie Miller

Stephanie Shamy *
Robin Wynne *

Pima Elementary Pima Logo - Vector 3-13.png

Kelly Acridge *
Christina Smith

Tavan Elementary tavan_wildcat3.png

Tiffany Albers
Darci Aronson *
Danette Imafidon *
Megan Kraatz *
Catherine Skinner *
Kelly Vandenheuvel *

Dedra Cannon
Alicia Majercin
Maureen Traynor *
Marilyn Williams

SUSD District Leadership susd_small_logo-01.png

Diane Murphy

Chaparral High School Chaparal Logo Redraw.png

Rachelle Anderson *
Ted Anderson *
Kathleen Beder
Casey Boerner
Stephen Geislinger *

Lori Jordan *
Malcolm Leinwohl
Jennifer Maccoll
Joseph Olney

Cochise Elementary Cochise.png

Tamara Andreas
Sharon Guttell
Erin Hansen
Rebecca Hirschfeld

Coronado HS Coronado.png

Thomas Roxborough *

Desert Mountain HS DMHS Logo.png

Reno Edgington *
Laura Kamka *
Steven Speisman

Ingleside MS Ingleside Logo 7-15-13.png

Stacey Greene *
Jena Krahl
Susan Leonard *
Wesley Wagner
Rachel Mazzullo *

Mohave MS Mohave Logo.png

Patricia Kennedy *
Barbara Ratliff

Redfield Elementary Redfield Logo.png

Tonalea K-8 tonalea_tiger_logo.png

Joy Funk *
Michelle Piazza *