• Frequently Asked Questions


    • Q: What courses are available for my student?
      A: All courses offered in SOL are listed on the SOL website.

    • Q: Do kids learn the same standards, receive the same quality instruction, pacing and rigor in EDL and SOL or are they different as their brick and mortar school?
      A: Yes, they do. All programs are aligned to SUSD standards and pacing guides. Teachers in Scottsdale Online deliver age appropriate instruction and support for students K-12.  Students in K-8 have regular live instruction and teacher support to monitor their progress toward mastery.
    • Q: How do we get devices to use?
      A: Email jramsden@susd.org There will be a process for all SUSD students to check out if needed.

    • Q: What is the percentage of asynchronous learning to synchronous learning?
      A: At the HS level this is asynchronous. At K-8 there will be some live (synchronous) teaching going on. .

    • Q: How do we sign up our student for Scottsdale Online Learning?
    • Q: How can students participate in extracurricular activities through SOL?
      A: Yes, they can check with their sites to see about those logistics.  

      Q: Are the gifted classes conducted by gifted credentialed teachers?
      A: No gifted programs in SOL, but we offer honors level for most core classes 6-12 grades.

    • Q: Will my child see her teacher live? What about her classmates?
      A: Yes, there will be many chances for live interactions in the K-8 model.

    • Q: Will there be live instruction? Will my child see her teacher’s face and other students?
      A: Individual teachers will set schedules of live events within their classes for K-8 students.
    • Q: I see information about 9-week courses, what is that about?
      A: This is a structure and schedule for students in 6-12 grades.  K- 5 will be a year-long class. 6-12 grade students' classes are on a 9-week schedule. Each student takes 3 classes every 9 weeks and finishes those three classes at the end of each quarter. 
    • Q:Will all students have access to social and emotional support resources?
      A: Yes, we will keep those connections in place if they went to a previous SUSD school where they were receiving supports.
    • Q: Will a SUSD teacher be assigned to all levels of students?
      A: Yes, all staff will be SUSD employees.
    • Q: What is the percentage of asynchronous learning to synchronous learning?
      A: Scottsdale Online Learning by nature is developed in an asynchronous environment. The HS level is asynchronous. At K-8 there will be live (synchronous) sessions for teacher lessons and whole class activities throughout the week. 

    • Q: 504s and IEPs – who will handle those?
      A: Please email the SOL Principal for questions.

    • Q: Do summer reading lists apply to SOL classes?
      A: We always recommend summer reading for all levels. However, there are no requirements in place for SOL classes.

    • Q: Will the elementary kids pick their class schedule, or will it be assigned to meet the requirements of their grade level?
      A: Assigned per grade level.

    • Q: Can high school students do their coursework outside of normal school hours?
      A: Yes, at the high school level it is very flexible.

    • Q: What is the difference between Genius and Buzz?
      • Genius is the initial login to the Student Information System. You must ALWAYS login to Genius to access your course.  We suggest you login here and choose the SOL/Buzz tile Single Sign On
      • BUZZ is the online learning platform where your courses are delivered.

    • Q: How does my student login to Genius?
      A: SUSD will automatically create an account for your student by the first day of classes. Students will access Genius through their Single Signon or directly

    • Q: I logged in Genius and I can't see my classes. Where are they?
      A: If you already have an account in Genius, your classes may be loaded, but will not be active until the first day of classes in each semester.



    • Q: Would the Scottsdale Online Learning Model be appropriate for my child with an IEP?
      A: Scottsdale Online is a self-paced general education curriculum that requires learners to work independently, be self-motivated, and who will require a minimal amount of direct IEP services from a special education certified provider.  If the underline statement is true about your student, then SOL would be appropriate.

    • Q: Will related services be provided?
      A: Related services will be provided remotely and to the greatest extent possible (Adapted Physical Education, Hearing/Vision Services, Speech, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Transportation).

    • Q: Who will be my child’s special education teacher?
      A: A certificated SUSD special education teacher who will provide the minimal amount of IEP instruction as stated in the IEP.

    • Q: Does Scottsdale Online offer special education courses?
      A: No, Scottsdale Online utilizes a general education curriculum.

    • Q: What if my child is not successful in the Scottsdale Online Learning Model?
      A: The IEP team would reconvene to discuss concerns, options and next steps.