Mission and Vision

    SOL strives to meet the needs of a diverse population of learners through 21st century opportunities that break down the barriers of traditional school.

    SOL has a vision of sustaining and supporting all students from inception to college and career readiness through creating a team atmosphere of learning and success.

Scottsdale Online Learning

  • Scottsdale Online Learning is a Scottsdale public school with a focus on academics and rigor for grades K-12.  We are here to help a diverse student population push themselves academically and prepare for university.  Our typical student is one that has a need for a unique schedule but still wants a heavy emphasis on academics.

    We are an accredited institution and strive to keep all of our core classes NCAA approved.  This means that we are held to a high standard for curriculum and content.


    • Involved and active in their courses
      • We recommend that students are doing at least 2 hours per day per course
    • Highly motivated
      • Students should not be known for procrastinating.  
    • Industrious
      • When a student does not know an answer, they take the time to find solutions and learn. 
    • Creative
      • Many of the assignments require higher level thinking and need students who want to delve deeper into their own learning process
    • Independent
      • We have lots of support but students should be willing to work and focus without being prompted. 
    • Organized
      • Each class requires planning and time management.
    • Disciplined
      • The student is now in charge of their education and needs to have the willingness to work on these classes daily to be successful.
  • All virtual learning instruction students will be served through Scottsdale Online Learning (SOL).   SOL elementary school and middle school will be a combination of teacher-led instruction and independent student work. At the secondary level, classes will be independent student work with support from teachers.

    Please note, special programs such as the Comprehensive Gifted Program, Dual Language Immersion, Cheyenne Traditional program, Pima Traditional program, International Baccalaureate, Pre-Advanced Placement, and the Math and Science Academy will only be available to in-person students.  Resources for Special Education students will be available through SOL.  Online learning is a year-long commitment unless there are extenuating circumstances and space is available.

    If you’d like to enroll your student in Scottsdale Online Learning, please go to Open Enrollment  Need assistance?  Please call 484-HELP (4357) and choose Option 1.

    6-12 grade students' classes are on a 9-week schedule. Each student takes 3 classes every 9 weeks and finishes those three classes at the end of each quarter.  Calendar with dates here.


School Information

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    Grades: K-12
    Colors: Silver and Teal
    Year Opened: 2011

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