Yavapai Academic Programs



    • We offer a FREE Pre-K program for 4-year-old students.

    English Language Development          

    • We have classes led by highly trained teachers to support our English Language Learners.

    Gifted Program - Accelerated Math/ Integrated Reading        

    •  We offer an accelerated math program for our students in grades 3-5. This program is at a faster pace and a deeper level of understanding. Students who remain in this program will be a year ahead of their peers by 8th grade and will have the opportunity to take math for college credit in high school. 
    • Students in 4th-5th grades may also be part of our integrated reading program based on teacher recommendation and gifted testing. Students in this class engage in higher level texts and deeper discussion questions.  They are also challenged to work at a more sophisticated level in their writing.

    Featured Academic Activities     

      • Kindergarten: Costume Parade, Gingerbread Hunt, Mentoring Days with high school students; Goldfish Investigations     
      • 1st Grade: Holidays Around the World, What Makes Me Unique, Arizona Study        
      • 2nd Grade: Animal Research Project, Spring Musical     
      • 3rd Grade: Unlock Challenges, Recorders for Music, Biography Reports     
      • 4th Grade: Pumpkin Catapults, Rock Investigations, PALS program with Scottsdale Police Dept., Mentorship Opportunities     
      • 5th Grade: Science Fair, PALS program with Scottsdale Police Dept., Mentorship Opportunities

    ELA (English Language Arts)

    In our primary classrooms, we utilize the Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) curriculum.  It is a research-based, comprehensive ELA program which encompasses phonemic awareness, phonics, grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening. The curriculum builds on sound knowledge (phonemic awareness) and makes connections to letter names and sounds. These foundational skills support students in decoding unfamiliar words, reading fluency, writing, and spelling. In our intermediate classrooms, we follow Units of Study which are aligned with the Science and Social Studies curriculum. Students read a balance of engaging literary and informational texts with a focus on expanding knowledge across content areas.


    Our math instruction utilizing the Big Ideas curriculum provides a balance of conceptual knowledge with operational fluency. Students experience hands-on lessons to build the conceptual knowledge that helps to lay the foundation for more abstract concepts throughout their mathematics education.

    Science & Social Studies

    Our Foss Science Kits promote scientific understanding through hands-on activities and emphasize the inquiry process. Social Studies concepts including history, geography, government, civics, and economics are incorporated into Units of Study and various grade level activities.

    Fine Arts Programs

    • Visual Arts (K-5)
    • General Music (K-5)
    • Band (4-5)
    • Strings (4-5)



      • 1:1 computers
      • Document Cameras
      • Interactive Whiteboards
      • Audio Enhancement Systems 


    Show Your Thunderbird THREE!





    Yavapai has adopted the motto "Show Your Thunderbird Three" to focus on our core values of Safety, Ownership and Respect.

    Yavapai students have embraced this program by taking responsibility for their actions, showing respect for others, and being safe on campus.  Students receive PBIS points when demonstrating our core values and can use their points to purchase items in our Student Store or through "Yavazon" - our delivery program.