• To apply to an in-state university

    • Application: Go online to:

    University of Arizona     Arizona State University        Northern Arizona University    Grand Canyon University

    Fill out the online application and submit it with the application fee. Use the Self-Report option for classes and grades- it will save you money and your admission status will be sent sooner. If you are applying to an Honors program, be sure to check Honors College requirements and deadlines.

    • Transcript: Go online to parchment.com and order an official transcript to be sent to the school(s) you are applying to.  If you are considering the Obama Scholarship/ASU Assurance Program, you are required to send your transcript by the application deadline.
    • Test Scores: Go online to collegeboard.org (for the SAT) and/or www.actstudent.org (for the ACT) to send your official test scores to the school(s) you are applying to. If you requested to have your scores sent at the time of the test, you do not need to do this again.

    To apply to an out-of-state college:

    You will follow a similar process as above, submitting an online application (please check each out-of-state college’s website for application instructions or Common Application), ordering an official transcript through parchment, and sending official test scores to the schools from College Board and/or ACT.  

    Letter of recommendation from a counselor: (please make sure your college needs one before requesting)

    • Complete a letter of recommendation form and e-mail to your counselor.  Letter questions can be found here.  Please write in stories to explain each question.
    • Allow a minimum of 2 WEEKS for the letters to be completed. The counseling office is closed over Fall Break and Winter Break, so plan ahead.

    Watch college and scholarship deadlines carefully

    • FAFSA – financial aid forms are available online this year beginning October 1st. Many colleges require submission of the FAFSA to qualify for aid or scholarships.